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Rubio Family "de nación parda"

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By rojasdelgado - Posted on 09 August 2021


I am currently researching late 1600s Rubio family from Magdalena and Etzatlán in Jalisco. For the most part, this family is described as "mulatos", but a few are also described as mulatos and "de nacion parda".

This term is new to me and when google translated, it means "of brown nation" Have any of you came across this term before. Could it be referring to a specific African tribe or geographic location?

Here are a few links: Antonio Rubio Sánchez and Pedro Rubio Valenzuela.

Thank You
Ruben R

According to the Diccionario de la lengua española, in this context pardo and mulato are synonyms.

pardo, da

Del lat. pardus 'leopardo', por alus. a su color, y este del gr. πάρδος párdos.

5. adj. Ant., Arg., Ec., Hond., Méx., Perú, Ur. y Ven. p. us. mulato (‖ nacido de negro y blanca, o de blanco y negra). U. m. c. s.

Thank for responding, that makes perfect sense.

Ruben R

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