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By apozolco - Posted on 23 July 2021


Alguien me puede ayudar localizar esta villa? Estoy buscando más información sobre la Familia Apecechea. Es un nombre muy raro. Matias y Santiago Apecechea nacieron en Villanueva, Zacatecas en los años 1700s antes de mudar a Nayarit. Encontré este rollo en el sitio

Anyone care to help me on finding this city? I am looking for more information on the Apecechea family. It is a odd name. Matias and Santiago Apecechea were born in Villanueva, Zacatecas en the 1700s before moving to Nayarit. I found this roll on


Matias Apecechea and Isidora Ruelas are the parents of Santiago Apecechea. Santiago was approximately 51 years old according to his death record in 6/Apr/1892.

Matias and Isidora were married on 8/March/1833. Matias was previously married to Polonia Gonzalez. Matias Apecechea is “hijo natural” de Francisca Murillo.

There was a VillaNueva in what is now “Los Altos de Jalisco.”

Ignacio Apecechea was originally from Goizueta, Navarrra España before he came to Nueva Galicia. It will be difficult, though not impossible, to connect Matias Apecechea to Ygnacio Apecechea because Matias was a “hijo natural.”. Ygnacio is most likely his grandfather or great grandfather.

Rick A. Ricci

The first wife of Matias Apecechea, Apolonia (Polonia) González, passed away on 14/Dec/1832 in Nayarit.

Rick A. Ricci

I believe that Santiago Apecechea was born in Nayarit, and not in Zacatecas. His parents lived in Nayarit at the time of his birth. It is possible that his father may have been born in Zacatecas, The “Apecechea” had arrived from Spain the century before from Spain. The Apecechea first arrived in Mexico City in the 1700’s. From Mexico City, the family branched out to Guanajuato and other areas, like Nayarit.
Santiago Apecechea married almost immediately after his first wife’s death, which I found surprising.

Rick A. Ricci

Thank you. I appreciate your help. This will help me immensely.


Saludos Andelmo,

I forgot to add that Matias Apecechea’s wife, Isidora Ruelas, is the daughter of Jose Ruelas and Victoriana Ledesma.

Rick A. Ricci

I appreciate the info. You know your stuff.





Here is some more information on the roots of the Apecechea family.

Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio Apecechea was baptized on 2/July/1751 in Goizueta Navarra Spain.

His parents are Ygnacio Apecechea and María Josepha de Arrieta

His paternal grandparents are Pedro Apecechea and Ana María de Echenique.

His maternal grandparents are Pedro de Arrieta and Emerenciana Juantorena.

Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio Apecechea crossed the Atlantic Ocean and brought the Apecechea surname to Mexico. Since this surname came over after mid eighteenth century, the surname is not as common in Mexico as are other surnames.

You will find that the names Ygnacio, Pedro, and Pascual are common names in the Apecechea family tree in Mexico.

Because of the time frame, Matias Apecechea is a close descendant of Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio Apecechea de Arrieta. Matias could be his grandson or great-grandson. Son would be a tight fit, possible, but unlikely. Since Matias is a “hijo natural” we may not find records identifying exactly how he descends from Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio Apecechea.

Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio Apecechea Was married twice, to Ma. Ygnacia Itsurria. They had many children and they were baptized in Mexico City. Some of his children went to Nuevo León and married there. From there they most likely spread to Zacatecas and Nayarit.

Rick A. Ricci

Did you use the Pares database for this information? I have tried using Pares but I have had no luck.


I found this.....This lists Matias' parents are Manuel Apecechea & Francisca Murillo. I think your theory that Matias is probably Ignacio's grandson.

I appreciate these tidbits.



Great Find Anselmo! Great that you found Matias’s third marriage. In Matias’s first two marriages, his father, Manuel Apecechea, is not named.

Because of the dates involved, it does seem likely that Manuel Apecechea is the son of Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio Apecechea de Arrieta. But I say likely, as Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio could have had a child as a young teenager, and that child could also have had a child as a young teenager, and then Manuel himself fathering Matias at a young age. which would make Manuel a grand child. But I am just stating a slight possibility, as it is most likely that Manuel is his son. You were very lucky to find the name of Matias’s father since only his mother was named in the records of his first two marriages where he is described as being illegitimate. Hopefully some of that luck will carry over and we find a record showing Manuel’s descent from Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio Apecechea de Arrieta. I do have more information on the ancestry of Pascual Ygnacio Eugenio Apecechea de Arrieta.


Rick A. Ricci

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