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By annallison - Posted on 17 June 2021


I'm reaching out for help with the following: It is a link for a death registration for José Trinidad de Avila - Abt 1823-1909 Fresnillo, Zacatecas:

The index reads that Trinidad’s father was: Anastasio de AVILA. On this written record it reads that Trinidad was the son of José de Avila. The name Anastasio de AVILA is in the beginning of the record, and it reads that he “espouse.” Isn’t this the person who gives the information for the deceased? Perhaps the two names were transposed when being indexed? I’ve yet to find the birth record for Trinidad, but this record lists him as “adulto.” I have seen this on other baptism records so I’m thinking it must be “natural born?”

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could clarify these names. Thank you.

This is a death record, not a birth record.
José Trinidad Ávila is the deceased. He was son of Ysidra Solís and José de Ávila. And he died when he was 86 years old, hence he was an "adulto"
Anastacio de Ávila is the son of José Trinidad, the one who reported the death of his dad. The word is "expuso", which means "he declared/explained".

Thank you for your response and for confirming that the father and son names were transposed on the index. The transcription of "expuso" and "adulto" is very helpful. I can see why you thought I believed this to be a birth record. I must proofread closer next time. Thanks again.

You did clarifiy at the beginning it was a birth record, but I guess what stuck with me was the end sentence where you mention "other baptismal records". Anyway, happy to have clarified things for you.

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