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Saludos and introduction Dora Escobedo

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By calitasmom - Posted on 16 June 2021

Hola y saludos! I'm not sure if this is the place to post an introduction. If not, could someone please direct me to the appropriate place to post.
My name is Dora Escobedo (previously Gomez) and I've been a member of this group for a long time. However, I had life hit me and was not able to keep up with the research due to family obligations and hitting numerous brick walls. I am very glad to be back!!
After the pandemic and availability of more records on, I was able to get back online and have found numerous ancestors. On my husband's Jalisco side (Escobedo) I have been able to go back to Capitan Diego Romo de Vivar and some other Captains. Of course on my side, I have many mestizos in the state of Zacatecas and one branch that comes from Jalisco. I'm still looking for a carpenter or merchant at least to match the captains on my husband's side of the family :).
My research areas are Sain Alto, Sombrerete, Rio Grande, Villa de Cos, Fresnillo, and Valparaiso, in Zacatecas. As well as Magdalena, Tequila, Cuquio, Huejuquillo, San Juan de los Lagos, in Jalisco.
The surnames are many but the main ones are Gomez, Escobedo, Castro, Gonzalez, Castrejon, Corona, Mejia, Monsivais and Flores.
In particular, I am also interested in obtaining old photos of any ancestors. I also have a DNA test on Ancestry. Looking forward to more research and connections.

Good luck with your research! As many of us I have more than three lines that go back to Diego Romo de Vivar, which is really more common than we may at first think. I have few Flores ancestors, not clearly related between them. Apparently a real cradle for Romo, Flores, Ruiz de Esparza, Luevano, and others is Aguascalientes and Rincón de Romos is a place to look for roots. Many migrated to Zacatecas very early, when Aguascalientes was not yet a State. Escobedo is more common in Zacatecas.

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