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By Adrian0790 - Posted on 16 May 2021

My name is Adrian, I’m in my early 20s and recently became interested in my ancestry. My mothers side of the family is from Calvillo, Aguascalientes, El Bajio de San Jose, Encarnacion de diaz, Jalostitlan and Teocaltiche. My fathers maternal side is from Meson de Los sauces, Encarnacion de diaz and Jalostitlan, teocaltiche, San Juan de Los Lagos and Lagos de Moreno. My fathers side is where I would like to expand. I’ve hit a brick wall as my paternal grandfather and his father were born in the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s so there is no record of their birth in Mexico to start my journey back. So if anyone has any info on the Martinez family in meson de Los sauces please PM me.

My common surnames on my tree are: Jaime/Jayme/Xayme, Villaseñor, Macias, Martinez, Martin, Martin Del Campo, Lozano, Cruz.

Also I’ve gotten my DNA results back from 23&me, Ancestry Dna and familytreedna can anyone give me insight on how I have Cryprus DNA, 2% and middle eastern DNA 4% as a Mexican. I have managed to find key members on this dna like my Jewish ancestors who were European Jews forced to convert. I still haven’t found any actual records on the indigenous people. Just Mestizo records.

Paternal haplogroup: J2a1b1: J2- M92
Maternal haplogroup: H


I just wanted to respond to one element of your message-- the Middle Eastern part. I had my brother take a YDNA test, and the result was J-M172, which has its ancient origins in the Fertile Crescent. My father's line is only traceable on paper to mid-1700s Michoacán, so I was surprised at that result. There could be a Jewish connection, or not-- there isn't really enough evidence either way, but whoever it was most likely went to Spain at some point, and from there, Mexico.We do have some Middle Eastern and Sephardic Jew that shows up in the ethnicity estimates.

Hey! Didn’t even get a notification for this. I just got back my FamilyTreeDNA test for my father, brother and I. We are also indeed also J-M172 as well. My paternal records hit a dead end in the 1700s too for my paternal line. Not sure what the deal is.

Yes, I wish I could trace it back more. His 2 or 3 distant matches are with men not with the same last name (Ruiz), and in fact, they are all matches outside of Mexico-- one with Cuba/Spain, another with Curacao, and another with Costa Rica. It's an intriguing result!

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