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Blas Sanchez and Desideria Carlos (y de Llanos)

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By inoeys - Posted on 24 April 2021

Hello to all.

I haven't properly introduced myself to the community since I became a member a couple of months ago when I first started to build my family's tree. I guess I always prefer to get a good grasp of my ignorance on a subject before I start bombarding people with questions that could potentially be easily be answered with a simple search and/or a bit of elbow grease.

Up to a few months back, all I knew was the names of my grandparents and some of my great grandparents, but as it often happens when there's a death in the family, I suddenly got bitten by the genealogical bug and started poring through digital archives.

I ended up here at Nuestros Ranchos because my maternal grandfather who was born in Juanchorrey, Zacatecas in 1913 to Leonides Sanchez Nava and Francisca Fernandez Correa.

His paternal grandparents were Octaviano Sanchez Acevedo and Lorenza de Nava Sandoval.

Octaviano was son of Pablo Antonio Sanchez Carlos and Maria Nestora Acevedo Enriquez.Lorenza was daughter of Jose Manuel de Nava y Correa and Manuela Gregorio Sandoval Renteria.

Up to here (and way beyond on many of his lines) all good.

Problem is I have hit a wall on the side of Pablo Antonio's father: Blas Sanchez. I can't seem to find anything solid about his parents while there's plenty of information about the side of his wife Desideria Carlos, the daughter of Justo Antonio Carlos (de Godoy?) and Rita Laurena de Llanos y Valdez. I found two baptism records of two different Blas Sanchez. The race of one of them is listed as "coyote", which I doubt he was, and the other doesn't quite match the location even though is also in Zacatecas.

Does anybody have any information about Blas' parents?

Alternatively, how about any descendants of him and Desideria? And more specifically, any direct male descendants who inherited the last name Sanchez? I am particularly curious about my grandfather's paternal haplogroup. Unfortunately, my uncle, his only son, passed away last year and he had no male descendants.

I got tested recently on Ancestry, btw, so I have identified some distant cousins on my grandfather's side. Problem is, not many people build trees so it's hard to be sure exactly how we are related. Adding to the difficulty is that these tests are not yet available in Mexico, where most of my family still lives, and so I have no close relatives in my matches which would help me do some basic triangulation. That's why I uploaded my raw data file to GEDmatch and FamilyTree, but as you know, that takes a lot of labor and good luck.

My tree on Ancestry is public. I've managed to climb high on some of those Zacatecan branches (while resisting the urge to get carried away by the ancestry leaves/suggestions) and would be thrilled to collaborate on common ones. Drop me a message if you would like a link to my tree and/or compare kits on GEDmatch.


Oh, I made a mistake! Is there a way to edit a new forum topic and/or its title? Help!

I am not entirely sure Blas and Desideria were born in Juanchorrey or somewhere else in the municipality of Tepetongo.

I have not been able to find Blas Sanchez parents but do have 10 children for them.
If you click on a name it will give you whatever information I have on that person..

I hope this may give you a bit more information.
Decideria is 5th cousin 7 time removed from my Father Chet Castanon

Erlinda Castanon-Long

Thank you so much, Erlinda!

10 children's baptisms and still no names of the paternal grandparents!

Btw, I actually descend from them on two lines:

I. 1. Blas Sánchez + Desideria Carlos de Llanos y Valdez
2. Pablo Antonio Nepomuceno Sánchez Carlos who married Maria Nestora Acevedo Enríquez (I just saw you have a different wife on your record, so I guess he had at least two marriages. Or perhaps they named two of their kids Antonio? Need to double check)
3. Octaviano Sánchez Acevedo (+Lorenza Nava Sandoval)
4. Leonides Sánchez Nava (+Francisca Fernández Barrios)
5. my grandpa Jerónimo

II. 1. Blas + Desideria
2. Maria Eligia Sánchez Carlos who married José de Jesús Correa del Muro.
3. Cruz Correa Sánchez (+ Serafina Ortiz Bañuelos)
4. María Correa Ortiz (+ Cresencio Fernández Mercado)
5. Francisca Fernández Correa (+ Leonides Sánchez Nava)
6. my grandpa

All of this I confirmed using the dispensa of my great grandparents Leonides and Francisca, because as you see they were related through this and at least a second line. I'll explain:

III. 1 Juana Petra de Carlos de la Torre and Luis Antonio Correa
2. Juan Agustín Correa Carlos (+ Yldefonsa del Muro Ortiz)
3. Jose de Jesus Correa Muro (+ Maria Eligia Sánchez Carlos)
4. Cruz Correa Sánchez (+ Serafina Ortiz Bañuelos)
5. Maria Correa Ortiz (+Cresencio Fernández Mercado)
5. Francisca Fernández Correa (+ Leonides Sánchez Nava)
6. my grandpa

IV. 1 Juana Petra and Luis Antonio
2. Josefa Romana Correa y Carlos (+Rafael de Nava y Arceo)
3. José Manuel de Nava y Correa (+ Manuela Gregoria Sandoval Rentería)
4. Lorenza de Nava (+Octaviano Sánchez Acevedo)
5. Leonides Sánchez Nava (+ Francisca Fernández Correa)
6. my grandpa

So I made a rookie mistake and confused Jose Antonio Sanchez Carlos with his brother Pablo Antonio Nepomuceno Sanchez Carlos.

I descend from Jose Antonio, who married Maria Nestora Acevedo Enriquez and not Pablo Antonio who married Isabel Borrego. Thing is, I can't find Jose Antonio's baptismal record so I just assumed it was the other Antonio's in the family.

I did in the meantime find Blas' death record. His wife Desideria Carlos was indexed as Desideria Leal, so I guess it was easy to miss. The record is very hard to read, but at least the names are pretty clear. Here's the link (I have already changed Desideria's name to Carlos from Leal):

Could anybody perhaps be able to help me read/decipher more of the information? I don't think his parents are listed, but if anybody can make out his age at death it would be super helpful in the search of his baptismal record.

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