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los Yndios de Xocotepec, circa 1500.

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By frhesse - Posted on 20 April 2021

in tracing my paternal linage, knowing full well, that they were Yndígenas in the beginning. & here is where i am trying to find the original person, who got "issued" the "Hernándes ~
Errnandes" surname. now i am aware, that on my maternal side, those ancestors were Españoles, through & through, from Los Altos. & i was able to purchase the books of the Padrones for that area, from as early as 1630. most of my ancestors are there [maternal]. also have the "Retoños Series," by M. González-Leal. all of the familias are there, as that side, has been there for over 400 years. i can see how the owners gave their surname to either an Yndígena or a Slave, once they were freed, that persons surname. all of this is also in the padrones. & so my simple question is this. my Great Grand-Father to the 4th power, {Francisco Sibrian Hernándes} was married in 1758 in Zacoalco de Torres. i have that document & in that Marriage Certificate, it states that His Father is: Gerónimo de la Cruz & His Mum is: Maria Salome [Yndia]. & that Francisco was originally from Xocotepec, Jalisco. as best as i can figure this out, he was given that surname & was Freed. Well, Then...There must have been a Rancho or Hacienda de Labor, in Xocotepec, or around that area, where He worked & got the Surname. His Dad is a "de la Cruz" which applied to many-many Yndígenas, throughout Jalisco, in that era. i see it a lot in Los Altos also. was there ever published a similar book, about that areas Church records [Padrones] & where can i find one, if they are available somewhere. Los Altos was very well documented, that is for sure& much is available. Thank You & Hopefully, someone might have a clue. i did try to see if a Baptismal record existed for Him, in Xocotepec, but no dice.


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