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Intro and Inquiry (Romo de Vivar)

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By Sebastian4374 - Posted on 14 April 2021

Good evening, all. My name is Sebastian and I have been digging through records to expand my knowledge about my ancestors. I split my browsing between my Mexican side, mostly Zacatecas and Aguascalientes so far, and my Guatemalan side. I have now been working on my tree for a bit and have picked up a few resources that have aided me. I have come to a set of distant grandparents, Jose/Joseph Miguel Romo de Vivar and his wife, Ysabel Rosaura Lopez de Navas, of which I have not seen a solid link connecting Jose Migl to his parents. These are mentioned in the marriage between Ricardo Romo de Vivar and Geronima Anastacia de Velasco, document which I have linked below. I have seen many people place a completely different set of parents for the couple that gets married, with no supporting documents. I'd like to ask if anyone could shed light on this (hopefully saving me a ton of time) or know who the parents of Jose Migl are, before I attempt to look through films. Link to document(second entry):

Hope all has been well. Gracias, familia.

Hi Sebastian,

We are closely related thru these Calvillo families. The Romo de Vivar, López de Nava, Martínez de Sotomayor and Velasco families intermarried heavily in the Valle de Huejúcar. They were four of the most principal troncos in the valley. Anyone that has Spanish blood will connect to them somehow.

I have not seen any documents that list Miguel parents. We know Isabel Rosaura was the daughter of don Gabriel López de Nava and doña Nicolasa de Valenzuela y Soto thru various dispensas, including her own. Doña Isabel Rosaura also married don Joseph Antonio Martínez de Sotomayor y Valenzuela, who is the son of my 9th great grand uncle/aunt. They received dispensa on 27 Mar 1765 in Tabasco, Zacatecas.

Here is the link to said dispensa:

Feel free to email me, I'd love to chat about these families.

Warm regards,

Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino

Thank you for that information. I have sent you an email for some suggestions.

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