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Same Person(s)

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By rojasdelgado - Posted on 11 April 2021

Hello Everyone,

I have two sets of ancestors in my tree with the same names. I am trying to determine if within each set, they are the same person. Both from Totatiche/Colotlan area and alive during the same time period.

The first set: LORENZO GODINA
>Lorenzo Godina (abt 1694-bef Oct 1755) married to Maria Gertrudis Rosales (abt 1720-aft 1773)
>>Vicente Ferrer Godina (04/15/1741-aft 1773) m/Ma Gertrudis Lara and Josefa G Gallegos.
>>Francisco Estevan Godina (abt 1747-?) m/Juana Gertrudis Flores.
>>Joseph Maria Godina (?-aft 1773)

In the following marriage dispensation (Maria Gertrudis Rosales with Vicente Ferrer Concha 07/12/1756) statements from Lorenzo Godina when still alive include " declaracion, se afirmo, y ratifico y dijo ser de edad de sesenta y dos años..." and also "...estar de tercer con segundo grado de consaguinidad con la dha pretensa.." (Maria Gertrudis Rosales).

>Lorenzo Godina (abt 1700-?) married to Angela Perez Cabrera (abt 1700-bef 1732).
>>Micaela Godina (abt 1717-?) m/Francisco Lopez Morillo.
>>Pablo Godina (abt 1720-?) m/Felipa Ramos.
>>Gertrudis Godina (06/23/1721-?)


The second set: JACINTO ROSALES
>Jacinto Rosales (abt 1700-?) married to Isabel Perez (abt 1700-bef May 1732).
>>Juan Jacinto Rosales (abt 1717-aft 1773) m/Gertrudis Concha.
>>Vicente Rosales (12/07/1718-?)
>>Maria Bartola Rosales (abt 1718-?) m/Nicolas Yldefonso Perez.
>>Maria Gertrudis Rosales (abt 1720-aft 1773) m/Lorenzo Godina and Vicente Ferrer Concha.

>Jacinto López Rosales (abt 1700-03/16/1761) married to Magdalena Perez Castro.
>>Maria Magdalena Lopez Rosales (07/26/1721-?)
>>Manuel Antonio Rosales (06/21/1724-?)
>>Pedro Bonifacio Rosales (05/23/1726-?)
>>Maria Rosales (abt 1727-?) m/Miguel Angel Cena.
>>Antonia Catharina Rosales (abt 1730-?) m/Agustin Fernandez de Jara.
>>Clara Estacia Rosales (09/20/1733-?)
>>Gregorio Lopez Rosales (abt 1735-?) m/Maria Josefa Martinez.

I have dozens of links to these families, too many to post, so I posted links to familysearch that have the sources. I will gladly provide additional sources if needed/requested. If any names sound familiar, I would appreciate any help.

Thank You
Ruben Rojas


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