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My first dispensation

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By jospuen - Posted on 15 February 2021

I need help with this record. I'm trying to get some of it transcribed (so I can use google translate afterwards). I noticed on page two, about a third of the way down the page, that the word "dispensa" appears. My guess is a I would next go to a "Dispensas matrimoniales" of the same year to look for that record. Am I on par? The bride and groom are Pedro Z Gonzalez Infante & Maria Refugio Briceño.


Pedro Gonzalez is born on 25/Feb/1884, son of Ygnacio Gonzalez and Lucrecia Ynfante

Ygnacio Gonzalez is the son of Maria Gonzalez

Lucrecia is the daughter of Cleofas Ynfante and Maria Moreno

Maria Refugio Briceño daughter of Adrian Briceño and Lorenza Macias (married on 5/July/1877)

Adrian is the son of Bartolo Briceño and Lugarda Moreno. Adrian’s death is recorded on 6/Aug/1915.

Lorenza is the daughter of Martin Masias and Ma. Guadalupe Martinez

Rick A. Ricci

So the connection is between Maria Moreno and Lugarda Moreno?

The dispensation could also be on the Gonzalez side.

Lugarda Moreno is the daughter of Jesus Moreno and Maria Encarnacion Gonzalez .

Rick A. Ricci

Thank you I'm correct as to where I need to look for the dispensation paperwork?

Maria de la Encarnacion Gonzalez Macias so the the relationship May be though the Moreno, Gonzalez or Macias sides.

The record that you named gives a specific place where the marriage dispensation can be found. The record identifies exactly where the record should be found.

As to Lucrecia (lucia) Ynfante parents:
Even though one record shows the couple as Cleofas Ynfante and Maria Moreno, in all the other records he is known as Maximo Ynfante. Though most records show her as Maria Moreno, two records show her as Maria Cresencia Moreno.

Ygnacio Gonzalez’s parents are Juan Gonzalez and Maria Gonzalez.

Rick A. Ricci

Please let me know if you find the dispensation. I would like to see it as I think it will show how they are related through their Gonzalez ancestral lines.

Thank You,
Rick A. Ricci


I see the family of Pedro Gonzalez added to question is what member of this family had wealth? The person I'm helping swears Pedro's family was wealthy. I'm wondering what line the wealth came from. I see a lot of your work on the Moreno family. Was that it? Is there any evidence? I also see how you've researched back to the 1500s with the Alonso Moreno de Ortega family. Where can I look for more info on this family? Gracias.

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