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By Lopezinc245 - Posted on 14 February 2021

Hello everyone, my name is Robert (Bobby) Lopez and I am currently researching the paternal side of my family on this website starting from my grand father and his father. The bulk of my research is on Ancestry and research so far has indicated that my grand father, (Jose) Antonio Lopez was born in San Mateo, Valparaiso, Zacatecas, Mexico and his father, Santos Lopez was born in the same town. My research has reached a dead end which is why I came to this site. I hope my research here is successful. My research began some eleven years ago after I retired and had more time for this endeavor. I live in Southern California where I was born and raised as were my parents. I hope to hear from anyone who has any and all info on those from Zacatecas.

Welcome to nuestrosranchos Bobby,

Marriage record of Juan Francisco “Nepomuceno” López (aka Nepomuceno López) and Maria Guadalupe López:

Jose Alejo López and Maria Antonia De la Cruz Yslas are the parents of Juan Nepomuceno López

Juan Francisco Nepomuceno López and Maria Guadalupe López are the parents of Jose de Los Santos López

Jose de Los Santos and Maria Ysabel Castro are the parents of Antonio Lopez

Sixto Castro and María Cruz Renteria parents of Juan Castro

Guillerma Sánchez Rodríguez is the mother of Senobia Sánchez

(There is conflicting information identifying Guillerma Sánchez in the baptisms of her grandchildren. This information leads to the conclusion that Guillerma Sánchez Rodríguez is the same Guillerma Sánchez Rodríguez that is the daughter of Zenón Sánchez and Luisa Rodríguez. Guillerma had Senobia Sánchez out of wedlock. Guillerma Sánchez Rodríguez died at eighty years old on the ninth of August, 1905.

Here is Guillerma’s death record: [] )

Zenón Sánchez is the son of Antonio Sánchez and Bonifacia Carillo.

Zenón Sánchez Carillo’s death record:

Juan Castro and Cenobia (Senobia) Sánchez are the parents of Maria Ysabel Castro.


Maria Guadalupe López is the daughter of Santiago López and Maria de la Luz Rivera. Santiago Lopez and Maria de la Luz Rivera are originally from Aguascalientes.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Rick A. Ricci

Here is the baptismal record of Juan Francisco Nepomuceno Rafael López : He was born on 26/Jan/1821 and baptized three days later on 29//Jan/1821. He passes away on 9/Nov/1898. His death is recorded the next day, 10/Nov/1898.


Death record of Juan López (aka Juan Nepomuceno) (aka Nepomuceno ) ( aka Juan Francisco Nepomuceno Rafael López):

Rick A. Ricci

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