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Please, help in finding who is the husband of this Catalina de Sepulveda

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By Ruben Hdez - Posted on 04 January 2021

Hello forum.

Catalina de Sepulveda died 10 Sep. 1644 in Guadalajara, Nueva Galicia.

Her death record can be seen here (Item at the bottom of the page at the RH side).

Accoring to this record, she was the widow of luis de bentura cabrera ?. One of the executors listed in her will is her mother-in-law Ana de Ojeda.

The mostly known Ana de Ojeda in Guadalajara at that time was the wife of Lorenzo de Meza y Valdivia.

Ana de Ojeda and Lorenzo de Meza got married 11 Feb 1621 in Guadalajara (see marriage record here).

Although it is not said in this marriage record, Lorenzo de Meza was the widower of Mariana de Hijar (aka Mariana de Moscoso). Ana de Ojeda should be the widow of the father of the deceased Catalina de Sepulveda's husband.

Any help is much appreciated.

Hello Ruben,

Ana de Ojeda (b. 1593) was married twice, first to to Capitan Pedro Topete Enriquez.

I think that Ana de Ojeda’s first husband is related to Lorenzo Meza through their “Mesa” lines. Her first husband’s father is Francisco Topete de Mesa.

Ana de Ojeda and her first husband had three daughters and three sons. One of her sons is named Luis who was baptized in September of 1615 in Guadalajara.

Lorenzo Meza Valdivia is her second husband, but I think that her first husband was still alive in 1621.

Ana de Ojeda was married to both men, but the children named as inheritors are from her first marriage. On 6/December/1653 she is identified as the widow of Lorenzo Meza Valdivia and the inheritors that she names are children from her first marriage to Capitan Pedro Topete Enriquez. Luis is one of the inheritors

I hope this helps.

Happy New Year,
Rick A. Ricci
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I just saw a secondary source that states that Ana de Ojeda’s first husband passed away in 1620 so that clears the way for the second marriage in 1621. Ana’s first husband was 45 years old when he passed away in 1620. Somehow genealogists have mixed up the age of 45 with the year of his death and have erroneously listed his death date as 1645. Luis was definitely from her first marriage.

Rick A. Ricci


In looking at the death record, it does indeed mention Ana de Ojeda as suegra, but, not of Luis Bentura de Cabrera but instead of Lic. Francisco Rico ( y de la Torre). Francisco married Antonia Enriquez Topete y Ojeda, daughter of Ana de Ojeda and Pedro Enriquez Topete. Ana de Ojeda did indeed marry twice. His first marriage was to Pedro Enriquez Topete and her second marriage with Lorenzo de Meza. Ana de Ojeda was the daughter of Luis de Ahumada and Mariana de Ojeda y Vaca. This is all confirmed in Ana de Ojeda's testament found here:

Testamento de Ana de Ojeda - Guadalajara, Jalisco (23rd of October, 1653)

You can also find all sorts of rich information about Ana de Ojeda and her ancestors through the "Informaciones: Diego de la Mota y Carvajal" a grand-nephew of Ana de Ojeda through Diego's Ojeda ancestors. (Lorenzo de Meza gives testimony about Diego's limpieza and mentions that his wife, Ana de Ojeda, is an aunt of Diego) Link here:

Informaciones: Diego de la Mota y Carvajal - Guadalajara, Jalisco (13th of January, 1648)

I hope this helps.

Daniel Serna Valencia

Thanks Daniel for your information.

Happy New Year,
Rick A. Ricci

Many, many thanks to both of you, Rick and Daniel, for all the information shared!

Daniel, you hit the nail on the head! Ana de Ojeda is Francisco Rico´s mother-in-law.

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