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Laurie Machin’s Zermeño ancestry

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By R.A.Ricci - Posted on 26 December 2020

Ana Petra Zermeño is the daughter of Juan Zermeño and Maria Bernarda
Petra passed away on 3/Mar/1885. Her death was registered on the following day. The death registration said that she was 80 years old, but that is inaccurate as she is 85 years old at her death, Anaetra was baptized on 2/Nov/1800
Baptismal record
Image # 300

Death Record
Image #551

Juan Antonio Zermeño and María Bernarda Estrada were married on 11/ Feb /1797, Logos de Moreno, Jalisco
Image #513

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick A. Ricci,
I want to thank you so much for this information. I can't read Spanish but I have friends that can. So I will make copies of these documents. But what I see is she is my 3rd Great Grandmother. I can't thank you enough. Thank for taking the time to help me. Are you related to the Zermrno or Valderamma family?
Laurie Machen

Hi Laurie,
I believe that I am related to you through Ana Petra Zermeño Estrada’s mother, but I still need to gather more information to tell you the exact degree of relationship. I believe that I have Ana Petra Zermeño’s mother’s baptismal record.

Here is your Mena line:

1.)- Francisco Mena and Ana María Ponce
2.)- Jose Antonio Mena married 10/Apr/1736 Juana Bautista Moreno Galvan
3.)- Juan Calletano de Mena (bap. 14/March/1741) and Maria Josefa Antonia Petra Alcorcha
4.)- Jose Antonio Mena married Maria Eulogia Samora
5.)- José Apolinario Mena bap. 2/Aug/1821 married Hilaria Gómez
6.)- Fermin Mena 1853-1904 married 28/Feb/1876 Maria Dionicia Gómez
7.)- Jose Jesus Mena married 9/Jan1904 Juan Lopez Arrieta
8.)- Jose Sixto Mena 1905-1962 married San Juana “Juanita” Valderrama
9.)- Mary Mena 1940-2003 married Donald Frederick Bickel
10.)- Laurie Bickel

Maria Josefa Antonia Petra Alcorcha is the daughter of Santiago Alcorcha and Ana María Reynoso.

Maria Eulogia Samora is the daughter of Jose de la Luz Samora (Zamores )and Maria Ynes Delgado .

Rick A. Ricci

Mary Lou Montagna is also a descendant of Francisco Mena and Anna Maria Ponce.

See her post on :

You also descend from Juan Antonio Moreno and Anna Maria Galban. You can see a post on their ancestry on :

Rick A. Ricci

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