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Villa Garcia

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By Ceciarco99119911 - Posted on 21 December 2020

Does anyone have any information on Villa Garcia or sources where I can find the history of it?

Do you understand Spanish? Here’s the webpage for the municipality of Villa Garcia that gives a brief history:
This website also gives a history:
And here’s a travel show with a segment done about Villa Garcia:

Otherwise, I’ve seen nothing on its history, other than what I’ve picked up along the way. The municipal seat of Villa Garcia was originally a hacienda called Agostadero, founded in 1595. Historically, it was in the jurisdiction of Real de Minas de Sierra de Pinos (Zacatecas), but depending on the era, it also fell into the jurisdiction of Real de Asientos (Aguascalientes). So if you’re looking for church records for ancestors, look in both dioceses (San Matias, Pinos, Zacatecas, and Nuestra Señora de Belen, Asientos, Aguascalientes).

My grandfather, J. Refugio Gonzalez Hermosillo, was born in La Montesa, Villa Garcia. His people had been living in the area since it was first settled by the Spanish. What families from there are you researching? I might be able to help you.

Manny Díez Hermosillo

Hi Manny, thank you for those links! I am researching Garcia, Reyes and Jaquez mostly.

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