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(UPDATE)After years, I have demolished my Villalpando fam brick wall: Diego Villalpando Diaz Pichardo and Gert Rodriguez de Aro

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By robros12 - Posted on 29 November 2020

Hello everyone,

Its been very long time but I am back uncovering my family's past. With the whole pandemic going on I have more time to invest in genealogy. It does sadden me that I don't have my aunt Alicia Avelar Olmos Carrillo by my side since she past away early this year. Not sure if you guys remember her but she was a great contributor to Nuestros Ranchos.I owe her for my interest in our family's history, and I will continue her legacy.

Now, I am writing this update because I have finally brought down my Villalpando brick wall. This happened two days ago and I have spent the last two nights confirming the connection with documentation and so on. If you guys look at my post from years ago (below) you can see I was stuck on Diego Villalpando and Gertrudis Rodriguez. It has been years. And maybe the connection was out there (thanks to George Fulton and others)but I just couldn't find anything so I gave up for a while.

The Villalpando line is very important to me because my mom is a direct Villalpandp descendant through her dad's side, my grandpa. I have tested my grandpa with 23andme to check his y-haplogroup. I have always wanted to confirm my Villalpando male y-haplogroup with documentation and paper trail. And I am finally getting closer. Don't think I have reached Europe (well from what I see online it stops in Leon, GTO). But defo closer to unraveling more info.
This is my line Juan Bautista Villalpando below is my 6th great grandfather.

Original Post

>Juan Bautista Villalpando christening on 24 Jun 1860 Señor San Jose, Calvillo, Aguascalientes. Juan Bautista married Paula Serna ca. 1880.
His parents were Juan Villalpando Hernandez y Maria Germana Esqueda Esparza.

>>Juan Villalpando was born ca. 1830 in Calvillo, Aguascalientes. His parents were
Jesus Villalpando y Maria Calistra Hernández. Juan Villalpando married Maria Germana
Esqueda Esparza on 27 de Noviembre 1857 en San Jose, Calvillo,Aguascalientes,Mexico.

>>>Jesus Villalpando was born ca. 1799. Christened on
the 4 Jan 1799 in Nuestra Señora de Belén, Asientos, Aguascalientes, México
His parents were Diego Villalpando de Luevana y Gertrudis Rodríguez del Aro.
Jose Jesus Villalpando married con Calistra Hernández Bobadilla daughter of Jose
Guadalupe Hernández Verduzco y Maria Antonia Bobadilla Lopez, ca. 1825.

>>>>Diego Villalpando son of Diego Villalpando y Diaz Pichardo and Juana de
Dios Luevana de Molina. Diego married Gertrudis Rodriguez de Haro daughter of
Juzto Rodriguez and Maria de Aro (I got the names of Diego Villalpando and
Gertrudis Rodriguez' parents from Jose Jesus Villalpando's baptism record.

>>>>> Diego Villalpando Diaz Pichardo son of Juan Antonio Villalpando de
Jaen and Josefa Flores Diaz Pichardo. Diego Villalpando Diaz Pichardo
married Juana de Dios luebana de Molina (daughter of Phelipe de Luevana
y Maria de Molina/Medina/Marin/Rangel) on 29 Dec 1749 in Nuestra Señora
de Belén, Asientos, Aguascalientes, México

>>>>>> Juan Antonio Villalpando de Jaen son of Thomas de
Villalpando and Maria de Jaen. Juan Antonio married Josefa
Flores Diaz Pichardo (daughter of Juan Diaz Pichardo and
Gertrudis Narbaes) on 24 Feb 1727 in Nuestra Senora de Belen,
Asientos, Aguascalientes.

>>>>>> Thomas de Villalpando son of Thomas de Villalpando
and Maria Velez. Married Maria Sotelo de Jaen (Daughter
Ignacio Ruiz de Esparza and Elena Sotelo) 12 Mar 1690
in Aguascalientes.

Hope all that made sense. Do you guys know if there is any confirmed information on the parents of Thomas de Villalpando and Maria Velez (1). My (maternal) paternal line does go back to Thomas de Villalpando.

Also, does anyone have information on the Juan Diaz Pichardo and Gertrudis Narbaes. I am also stuck on Phelipe de Luevana and Maria de Molina. I descend from them through three children of theirs, including Juana de Dios Luebana (m. Diego Villalpando Diaz Pichardo). There is some info on some sites that take back these Luevanas to the Luevana family that is well documented but can't find the sources to back it up.

Congratulations! I don’t know much about the Villalpando’s, other than Maria Sotelo was Tomas’ second wife, his first wife being Maria de Leon y Vargas, daughter of Francisco de Leon and Matiana de Vargas.
Here’s the IM for Juan Pichardo and Gertrudis Narbais, dated 10 Feb 1706, San Matias, Pinos. He was born around 1679 in Toluca, son of Joseph Picardo and Josepha de Arzate y Flores. Gertrudis Narbais was born around 1686 in San Luis Potosi, hija de padres no conocidos. There were 2-3 families named Narvaez in SLP; it’d be impossible to say which one she descends from.
Here’s their marriage record, 24 Feb 1706, in Pinos:

Here’s the IM for Juan Antonio Villalpando cc Josepha Flores, dated 3 Feb 1727, Real de Asientos. The 3rd witness was Pedro Narvaes, born around 1670; he said he was related to one of the bridal couple. Though he doesn’t say which, he was probably related to Josepha through her mother. He is probably the same Pedro Narvaes (Mestizo) who was married to Isabel Rodriguez (India), and who was another orphan from San Luis Potosi.

Hope that helps!
Manny Díez Hermosillo

Thank you so very much for that extra info on my Diaz Pichardo y Flores family.

Question, how do you know Juan Diaz Pichardo's mother went by de Arzate y Flores (and not just de Arzate). Is there a document where she goes by the Flores surname too? On her son Juan Pichardo's marriage document she just goes by de Arzate. I mean it makes sense if she is Flores too since her granddaughter Josepha (married to Juan Antonio de Villalpando) went by Josepha Flores.

Kind Regards

Juan Diaz Pichardo married twice; after the death of Gertrudis Narvaez on Puesto de El Tuliyo in Asientos, he married Catalina Nieto, on 5 Jul 1728 in Asientos. On the partida for that marriage, his mother is called Josepha Flores:

Manny Díez Hermosillo

Thank you Manny! Greatly appreciate it!

Question, do you or anyone here know where I can find the dispensas for Mexico City, Centro Asuncion?

I found the matrimonio for a Joseph Sanchez Pichardo and Josepha Garcia de Arzate in Mexico City married on 10 March 1672. Their son, my ancestor, Juan Diaz Pichardo married Gertrudis Narvaes 24 Feb 1706. He is said to be natural of Toluca. On the possible marriage doc of his parents Joseph Sanchez Pichardo and Josepha Garcia de Arzate, it says that Joseph Sanchez Pichardo is also from Toluca, so that makes me think that these should be Juan's parents. The fact that both are named Joseph and Josepha, and both have Pichardo and de Arzate, respectively, also makes me believe it's them. Plus, the timeline as well. If Juan Diaz Pichardo married in 1706, then that puts him born about ~1680. This couple, possible parents of Juan married in 1672, so perfect, it fits.

But now, I want to check informacion matrimonial and the dispensa (since it says they are dispensados tercer grado de Consanguinidad). But don't know where to find dispensas for Mexico City, at all. I am sure I'll find info, specifically on the surnames issue. I don't know if these are my true ancestros since they both have last names that I have not seen in their descendants such as Sanchez (Sanchez Pichardo)and Garcia (Garcia de Arzate). Where is Diaz (for Diaz Pichardo)? and Flores used by Josepha de Arzate (Flores)? and also used later by their granddaughter, my ancestor, Josepha Flores married to Juan Antonio de Villalpando Sotelo de Jaen.


Joseph Sanches Pichardo
Event Type:
Event Date:
10 Mar 1672
Event Place:
La Asunción, Iztacalco, Ciudad de México, México
Event Place (Original):
Asuncion, Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Spouse's Name:
Josepha Garcia de Arsatte
Spouse's Gender:

Any guide on where to find the dispensas anyone? Also, I was looking for the informacion matrimonial before March but couldn't find anything one them. How long before marriage was the informacion matrimonial done? Or is it possible it was done after the matrimonio?


Robert Rosales Villalpando

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