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By AnaGP - Posted on 06 November 2020

Hola, buenas dias a todos!
Quisiera primero presentarme con ustedes, Soy Ana Gaitan, nueva en este foro que es de gran interés para mi y ojalá podamos colaborar juntos pudiendo intercambiar información sobre antepasados en común. No soy genealogista ni mucho menos y recién acabo de ingresar en el campo simplemente por gusto, para conocer un poco más de mis raíces.
Al empezar a hacer mi árbol vi que había muchas familias que pertenecían a esta zona y me gustaría saber más de ellas a través de ustedes. Quisiera saber si alguien también tiene en común a estos antepasados. Empezaré con Joseph Lazo De la Vega casado con Francisca Brambila y Arriaga de la Cd. de Zamora. Los padres de Francisca fueron Alejandro Brambila y Arriaga y Catalina de Ochoa Garibay, hija a su vez de Miguel de Ochoa y Garibay y de Francisca Ramírez, fundadores de Zamora. Pero lamentablemente no he podido encontrar nada de información sobre José/ Joseph Lazo de la Vega, salvo que fue Capitán, natural de Sevilla y tres veces alcalde ordinario de Zamora. Alguien más que tuviera información sobre él, nombre de sus padres u otros familiares.
También he visto varios posts de Rick A. Ricci, miembro de este foro, y que ha escrito posts sobre varios antepasados en común y que a su vez ha escrito un libro “Mygenes2000”, sobre esa genealogía. Rick si lees mi post me interesa mucho tu libro, como lo podría conseguir? Ahí seguro habrá mucha información de mis antepasados también.
Cierro mi post con muchas mas dudas y preguntas sobre mis antepasados pero creo que por el momento es suficiente.

Agradezco de antemano quien me pudiera proporcionar más información sobre esa persona.

Saludos y nuevamente gracias,

Ana GP

Hello everyone!

First I want introduce myself, I’m Ana Gaitan, new in this interesting group and I hope we can work together and change information about ancestors in common. I am not genealogist and I am just starting in this, I am doing it for my own pleasure, to know more about my roots.
When I started doing my research, I saw a lot of families that belonged to this area and I love to know more about them through you. I want to know if someone have in common too these ancestors.
I will start with Joseph Lazo De la Vega married with Francisca Brambila y Arriaga from the city of Zamora. Francisca’s parents were Alejandro Brambila y Arriaga and Catalina de Ochoa Garibay, and she is daughter of Miguel de Ochoa y Garibay and Francisca Ramírez, founders of Zamora. But unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about José/ Joseph Lazo de la Vega, unless he was a Captain, native to Seville and three times ordinary mayor of Zamora. Someone else have more information about him, names of his parents or another family?
Also I saw a lot of interesting posts of a Member of this group, Rick A. Ricci, who wrotes about a lot of ancestors in common with me and that also wrote a book “Mygenes2000”, Rick if you see my post I am interested to get your book, how I could get it? Sure there I can find a lot of information about my ancestors.
Of course I have more questions about any others ancestors and I need more information, but for the moment I Think is enough to start!!!
I wonder if anyone else has researched about this person I will appreciate the information that can provide me.
Thank you very much in advance.
Saludos y de nuevo Gracias,

Ana GP

Hi Ana,
Welcome to the nuestrosranchos community. You are right, we share many ancestors. I have posted much of these shared ancestors on this website. I have posted many of your ancestral lines such as Ochoa Garibay, Villasenor, and Coria Peralta. My book isn’t available yet to the public as I am still adding to it. I will let you know when it is available.

I wonder if your ancestor calpitan Joseph Lazo De la Vega is related to Simón Lasso (Lazo) de la Vega de Guzmán, who was also a capitán. Are you sure that Joseph Lazo De la Vega was born in Sevilla? Please provide sources and as much information as you can.

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your nice answer. I really have not more information about José/Joseph Lazo de la Vega. One of my cousins found in familysearch that his parents were Miguel José Lazo de la Vega y Coca and María Antonia Montoya but that doesn’t could be possible because of their ages. It is possible that José/Joseph Lazo de la Vega was born about 1660 and lazo de la Vega y Coca and Maria Montoya also born between those date, so I discard that possibility. Their parents must have been born around 1630-1640 like Francisca Brambila y Arriaga (Jose Lazo’s wife) parents born.

The information about Jose Lazo de la Vega I have is:
Wife: Francisca Lazo De La Vega (nacida de la Brambila y Arriaga y de Solis: daughter of Alejandro de la Brambila de Arriaga y de Alvarado and Catalina Solis De Ochoa Garibay, daughter of Miguel de Ochoa Garibay y Nuñez de Sotomayor and Francisca Garibay y Nuñez And Francisca Zamora Ramirez y Lopez de Fuenllana)

Sons and daughters:
Joseph de la Vega Brambila
Miguel de la Vega Brambila
Catalina de la Vega Brambila
Francisco de la Vega Brambila
Joseph Alexandro Lazo de la Vega (my ancestor)

I don’t know if that information is useful, I hope so! Thanks a lot for you help!


Hi Ana,

I had also seen I a secondary source that he was the son of Miguel José Lazo de la Vega y Coca and María Antonia Montoya, but I also doubted it as there are many errors in that source. Joseph does not appear as a son in primary records. However, I do believe that your Joseph is most likely related to Simón Lasso (Lazo) de la Vega de Guzmán and I would like to compare the information on both of them.
. However I do believe that your Joseph is most likely related to Simón Lasso (Lazo) de la Vega de Guzmán and I would like to compare the information on both of them. Research Simon’s family and you most likely find a connection. The Laso De la Vega family left many records.

Rick A. Ricci

Thanks Rick!

Yes I am not sure Lazo de la Vega y Coca was related with my Joseph Lazo/ Lasso. I will do what do you recommend me about Simon Lasso probably he is the one. Because I really didn’t find anything about Jose Lazo ascending tree just descending tree, but I will try with simon’s family.

Rick on another subjetct I see in one of your posts about another ancestor in common Bernardina Hurtado de Mendoza and her ancestors, it is really interesting what you and the other Members of the forum find. She is my 13 grandmother. You write that related with these families there is also an ancestor to the Temino de Velasco Banuelos Family. I understand that Temino’s family are jewish converso. I am looking a jewish converso ancestor in my tree because also I am looking for the portuguese nationality but I didn’t find it. I saw a hope when you write about these ancestors and they have jewish roots but I can’t identify which person is. You found the jewish converso ancestor?

I hope don’t to take advantage of you!

Thanks a lot!

Ana GP

Hi Ana,

You descend from royalty through Bernardina de Mendoza. You are right that through the Temino de Velasco Banuelos you descend from prominent Jewish lines. I have posted both of these lines in other posts here in nuestrosranchos. I have also posted your Ochoa Garibai ancestry.

I am watching all the celebrations for President -elect Biden so I can’t take the time right now to give you more information on your family tree.

The jubilant celebrations are rocking my neighborhood. I’m glad that everyone is wearing a mask. I celebrated all morning.

There are many Jewish lines in my tree, and in yours. Some people will deny they have Jewish ancestry because their ancestry doesn’t include European ancestry, but they are mistaken. Sephardic ancestry shows up as “Spanish”. European Jewish is different than “Sephardic Jewish”. I have both. There was a strong Jewish community in southern France and Basque Country so some of it will show up as French and Basque.

Thanks a lot for your answer Rick!

Please no problem! On the contrary, sorry I wasted your time! I imagine all the celebrations! Here in Mx also we are celebrating Biden’s triumph!

So interesting what do you say about jewish roots even if I haven’t found yet the exactly jewish ancestor. I hace not found yet how Temiño de Velasco is related with the Hurtado’s de Mendoza families. I will continue with this research! And Lazo’s de la Vega too!

Well, keep celebrating and thanks a lot!

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