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By makas_nc - Posted on 26 October 2020

Which body of records for Jalisco, Zacatecas, y Aguascalientes would one search for wills?


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Hola Joseph,

Testamentos in the Diocese of Guadalajara/ Nueva Galicia can be found here:

Some can also be found among the Protocolos of Nueva Galicia:

You can also find excepts and clausulas from some testamentos in the capellanias archives, though those are rare.

Good luck!
Manny Díez Hermosillo

I looked at the list of protocolos for Nueva Galicia. I have several questions:
1. Do you know if exist a list of "escribanos"?
2. Do you know if the escribanos were divided by region?
I want to see if it is possible to determine that this "escribano" was for this region or not.
I'm looking for wills from many areas in Aguascalientes and Zacatecas, then i'm looking for some orientation before "jumping in" the ocean of films.
Any info would be greatly appreciated

sus L

Hi sus L,

1. I’m sorry, I’m unaware of any such list. I suppose someone would have compiled one, but I haven’t seen it.
2. As for escribanos being divided by region, it seems like the large polities - like a city or “alcaldia mayor” or “real,” - were assigned their own “escribano real,” and I think that process went through the casa de la concentratacion in Sevilla, since I’ve seen appointments at the PARES/AGIS website ( You might want to look there.

As far as Aguascalientes, though there are some notarial records from early Aguascalientes that appear among those in Guadalajara (and which I’ve posted in another thread here at NR), almost everything in that jurisdiction can be found at the Aguascalientes Acervo Colonial Digital del Archivo Historico website. Unfortunately, I’m unable to open any of the documents at that website, because it only works with an Internet Explorer browser. I wish they’d update it!

Let me know if you find anything!
Manny Díez Hermosillo

Hello Manny,

Thank you so much. I will start looking at the records. I will let you know if I find any list more less.

Thank you and Saludos

Sus leniski

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