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Delgadillo Ravenscroft, Jeanette (Teocaltiche, JAL)

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By R.A.Ricci - Posted on 09 October 2020

Welcome to nuestrosranchos Jeanette,

Yrineo Delgadillo is the son of Francisco Delgadillo and Florentina Sánchez

Feliciana Jauregui is the daughter of Pioquinto Jauregui and Maria Encarnacion Rodriguez

Rick A. Ricci

In an another record Yrineo Delgadillos mother is given as Paula Sanchez instead of Florentina Sanchez.

In their marriage record and a baptism of a grandchild, yrieno’s mother is gIben as Paula Sanchez. In the marriage record and her baptismal Feliciana’s mother is given as María Presentacion Rodríguez instead of María Encarnacion. Maria Encarnacion was the name in one grandchild’s record.

Francisco Delgadillo is the son of Eleuterio Delgadillo and Maria Delgadillo

Paula is the daughter of Fernando Sanchez and Eusebia Alvarado

Fernando Sanchez is the son of Rafael Sanchez and Jacinta Alvarado

Maria Eusebia Alvarado is the daughter of Antonio Alvarado and Maria Rodriguez

Rick A. Ricci

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