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Translation Needed

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By Bewald - Posted on 04 October 2020

I would like for someone who understands Spanish better than I do to look at a document and tell me what it is about. It is regarding my ancestor Antonio Días de Lomas and a man named Juan de Herrera. I don’t need an actual translation, but I would like to know what the charges were and what the outcome was. Here is the link:

The document is on images 149-152 on the Información Matrimonial for 1698-1702, Aguascalientes, Asunción de María, film #299562. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Beverly Ewald

Helllo! Well, it's a little confusing, but what I understand... is that Juan de Herrera is asking Antonio Díaz to pay 20 horses that he promised because they had an arrangement made after Antonio Díaz jr. stole his daughter Barbara promising to marry her, but then he didn't do it.

To labananilla: Thanks for translating. That is rather what I thought, too, but it is a little confusing. I wonder what became of Barbara? I hope she married someone who appreciated her! :-) --Beverly

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