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Longoria Family

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By tjs090806 - Posted on 25 September 2020

I am seeking information on the Longoria family from Zacatecas. My son-in-law's grandfather is Arturo F. Longoria, born about 1927 in Zacatecas. He immigrated to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua in about 1943 and has lived in El Paso, Texas since then.

Thank you,
Thomas Sloan

Could this be him? However the birthdate seems to be much too soon

Name: Arturo Longoria
[Arturo Longoria Flores]
Gender: Hombre (Male)
Birth Date: 28 nov. 1911
Birth Registration Place: Sombrerete, Zacatecas, México (Mexico)
Registration Date: 14 dic. 1911 (14 Dec 1911)
Father: Benigno Longoria
Mother: Leovigilda Flores
Page Number: 111
Volume 1910-12

There another Arturo Longoria, but his birth is much too late.

This is the correct Arturo Longoria. I did not realize he was so much older than his wife and I was searching in the wrong age groups.


Benigno Longoria es hijo de Faustino Longoria y Dominga Castañon
Leovigilda Flores es hija de Ladislao Flores y Patrocinia Díaz

Faustino es hijo de Geronimo Longoria y Francisca Trejo
Dominga es hija de José Claro Castañon y Aniceta Maena (Mena)

Ladislao es hijo de Ventura Flores Y Patrocina Medina
Patrocina Diaz es hija De Vicente Diaz y Clemencia Zamora

Rick A. Ricci

Esposa María del Refugio Sánchez

Fecha: 30Aug/1989 Chihuahua

The census record show the date and where Leovigia Flores de Longoria was born. It shows her as a widow with her daughter, Guadalupe.


These records are indexed at Ancestry, but not at FamilySearch. However, the link to the record at Family Search is

This is from the Sobrerete Civil Birth Records for 1910-12, and is image 422.


My grandmother was known as Senobia Longoria but as far as I know her real first name was Angeles, I undestood that her parents were Faustino Longoria Trejo and Dominga Castañon, but she died in 1978 at the age of 97 which brings her to be born in 1881. I also understand that Faustino was born in 1884, therefore it cannot be his father.
I know that she had a brother named Salvador Longoria, married to Guadalupe Dominguez.
Does anyone know something about this?
(I'm new in this forum and looking for my Zacatecas ancestors Minchaca & Longoria)


The Faustino Longoria Trejo that is Married to Dominga Castañon was not born in 1881. His children were born around that date.

Salvador Longoria Castañon was born 13/July/1890 at Sombrerete, Zacatecas. He crossed the USA/Mexico border into the USA on 27/Sep1946 at El Paso, Texas

Here is a link to his application for a border crossing ID card:

It seems that Salvador Longoria Castañon lived for many years in Chihuahua and that he had a prior marriage before Guadalupe Dominguez. He was deported at one time prior to this application and in that record he has a different wife.

Salvador had an older brother Luis that he lived with for a time in Yuma, Arizona. He can be found there in the 1920 census.

In this record there is a picture of him and it names his wife as Juliana Ramirez and it says he has two children:

Benigno, Luis, and Salvador also had a sister named Maria Concepcion Longoria Castañeda. She was baptized 14/Jan/1893.
Here is a copy of her baptism:

Rick A. Ricci

Luis Longoria Castañon and his wife Ascencion are the parents of Manuel, Amalia, Andres, and Nicolas.

Salvador Longoria Castañon and His wife Juliana Ramirez de Longoria are the parents of Rosa and Miguel.

Here is the 1920 census that provides this information along with their ages:

Rick A. Ricci

Thanks Rick,
That means that my grandmother Senobia/Cenobita (Angeles) was another sister of Salvador, Luis, Maria Concepcion, Geronimo and Benigno.
I also know that Salvador married Guadalupe Dominguez and had 12 children, one of them is Mabel Longoria Dominguez who lived in Durango with my grand parents then migrated to El Paso and lives now in San Antonio.


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