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Looking for Volunteers.

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By jospuen - Posted on 17 September 2020

Hello fellow genealogists. Here is an email from a non-profit in my city. If anyone is interested please contact me. We could set up so that we can help with as many or as little projects as you deem reasonable. Just let me know.

"I have started a non-profit with my friend Tara MacDonald called Olive Branch Connections. Our mission is to provide free genealogical research for people who would greatly benefit from hearing their family's story. Right now, we are working with St. John's Program for Real Change, which is a homeless shelter and program for women and children in Sacramento. We have the women fill out pedigrees as far as they know, and we research their family history for them, providing them with a binder of the pedigree, documents, and other stories we discovered.

We have volunteer researchers helping us with the trees. Some of the women have Mexican ancestry, and right now none of our researchers specialize in Mexican research.

Do you know someone who would be willing to help us research for the women with Mexican ancestry?"

Marty Puentes

I think this is a noble cause. Sign me up. I am willing to help.


Erik Andrés Reynoso.

Ok, here is the form you need to fill out. Keep me informed how it is going for you. Thanks.

I signed up to be a volunteer but do not meet their requirements. They require you to have an Ancestry account called "Explorer" at a minimum. I've never owned an Ancestry account and do not plan on purchasing one. I do, however, have access through my local library to the Library Edition of Ancestry. So if that does not meet their explorer level then I am ineligible.

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