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We all have links to the Romo de Vivar and the Ruiz de Esparza?

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By uncabral - Posted on 14 September 2020

When I read, some time ago, that virtually all families with roots in our area of interest are descendants of "Capitanes" Diego Romo de Vivar and Lope Ruis de Esparza, I thought probably that was not my case because at that time I was under the impresion that most of my father's ancestry was from Jerez and Guadalupe (Zacatecas) and my mother's mostly from Guanajuato and as far as I was aware then no Romo nor Ruiz Esparza have come out in my research. Well, I was dead wrong! obviously my research was very weak then, but as years passed and my research skill developed I came to the conclusion that on my father's family with the excepción of the Cabral main line that comes from my father's father and great grand father, on many of my father's mother's side I was overwhelmed when I discovered so many lines that joined those two families, all of them in Rincón de Romos which looks like a cradle. I tend to think that my case is by no means exceptional but mostly very common (am I right?). For instance, on the Ruiz de Esparza y Navarro family, I discovered I am direct descendant of Lorenzo, Martín, María, Salvador and Jacinto Ruiz de Esparza y Navarro, and to Jacinto I have a couple of lines that merge with him. On the Romo de Vivar family things are quite similar, multiple lines end there in Diego Romo de Vivar. Clearly, most of both names come together multiple times in my family. It is so because my ancestors ("sosa" numbers)18, 19, 21, 23 and also 33 have this multiple lines. When more carefully looking at those two families in the family search trees I see why it is said we all are part of that families at some point: they are prolific. Surely not everybody have discovered the links or maybe have non. But even so, since we all have many other lines in our are, clearly we all are "primos".

Hello Jose,

I too descend Repeatedly from the Ruiz De Esparza and Romo de Vivar, so yes, we are “primos.” My maternal grandfather is a third cousin of Santo Toribio Romo Gonzalez through both the Gonzalez and Romo lines.

Super Bowl champion Coach Tom Flores Is also a primo.
Rick A. Ricci

Interesting Rick, they probably are descendants of Capitán Juan Pedro Romo de Vivar and María de Tiscareño Molina y Ruiz Esparza, which is also one of my Romo lines.
I have also a couple of Flores lines in Aguascalientes since two diferent great grand mothers were Flores..
Jose J. Cabral

You are right José. I descend from Capitán Juan Pedro Romo de Vivar and María de Tiscareño Molina y Ruiz Esparza through their son Balthazar Romo de Vivar and his wife Cathalina Muñoz de la Barba.

Saludos primo,

hola primos!
Santo Toribio es mi tio, through my Mom's side.

Hello Brenda,
If your mom is related to him, then she is related to my maternal grandfather. Both of Santo Toribio’s parents were close relatives of my maternal grandfather, J. Hermenegildo Romo Franco.

Rick A. Ricci

I too descend repeatedly from Capitán Juan Pedro Romo de Vivar and María Lorena de Tiscareño Molina y Ruiz Esparza, from one side through their son Capitan Nicolas Romo de Vivar y Ruiz de Esparza and also from their daughter Juana Teresa Romo de Vivar Tiscareño de Molina.
6 generations after that, José Canuto Diaz Romo de Vivar who was a descendant of Nicolas married Maria Rafaela Moran Lopez who was a descendant of Juana Teresa. They are my great parents.
An interesting fact I found is that Maria Lorena Tiscareño de Molina y Ruiz was the descendant of Moctezuma II Xocoyotzin through Moctezuma's daugther Mariana Leonor de Moctezuma who married the "conquistador" Cristobal de Valderrama, born in Barcelona.
Todos somos primos

Very true! and I think this line that connects Moctezuma to de Ruiz de Esparza y Navarro is not disputed, as far as I know. Very true we all are primos in this area of Mexico!

I have Esparza roots.
Does anyone Habra Gine de Carrion?

I have found Ginés de Carrion, born in 1520 in Andalucía, his son Ginés de Carrion, born in 1561 in Seville emigrated to Nueva España and married Francisca de Temillo (or Tremiño), born in Jalisco and had a son: Diego de Carrion Tremiño.
Diego was born in Pinos Zacatecas in 1615, his son Antonio de Carrion was born in Aguascalientes in 1645. Diego had a daughter: Tomassa de Carrion, born 1665 and a granddaughter: Maria Nicolasa de Castañeda Carrion, born in Pinos Zacatecas in 1688 who married Martin Ruiz de Esparza y Sotelo Jaén, a descendant of Moctezuma.


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