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Parents of Pedro de la Torre

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By dgmiv - Posted on 31 August 2020

I need some opinions about wording in marriage information. I am looking for the parents of Pedro de la Torre. In various genealogy web sites, his father is noted as Diego de Soria, based on the following information:,147338302,149517701

"Pedro De La Torre español originario de la villa de Xeres en el puesto de La Tinaja y vecino de 2 años en esta juridicion en el puesto de Sn. Juan de El Alicante expuesto a las puertas de Diego de Soria..."

Information about the woman he is marrying follows and her parents are given. This information repeats itself several times in different places. So, my real question is about the phrase "expuesto a las puertas de Diego de Soria." In my opinion, this isn't really saying that Diego de Soria is his father. If I am wrong, my problem is solved.

What do you think?

“Expuesto en las puertas De Diego Soria” means that He was “left at the doorsteps of Diego Soria’s House”. What this means is that there is no record of who his biological parents are and that Diego Soria took him in and raised him.

In another case like this, at the wedding of his adopted daughter that he raised, he admitted that he was the biological father.

Rick A. Ricci

Thank you, Rick. That makes perfect sense. Doesn't really tell me who his parents were, but it makes sense.

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