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By apozolco - Posted on 30 July 2020

Hola primos,

In doing my research I sometimes see names with the title "Don" or "Doña". Most of the times it's just their names with no titles.
Is their a significance to using Don or Doña during this time period.
Here is an example:

Manjarrez, or Manjarrés, is the family name. There are plenty of both examples with the above link.

I have also seen a "N" used for last names for Indians...sometimes for black people. Any significance to using this as well?
Any thoughts will be helpful.


People can make this subject intricate as they want. During colonial times Don and Doña were strictly reserved for those in the public eye. I say this because you will notice as you research, ecclesiastical individuals use it, government officials, landowners and nobility. These were not only Spanish, but could be a cacique or any native that also held similar status or position. It's closest equivalent in English would be Lord/Lady. However, in the Spanish-speaking world it did not always denote nobility, although it certainly could.

There was once instance, I read a child in my Villaseñor line baptized as Don and he was five days old. I had never seen anything like it!

Thank you, primo.


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