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Son of Francisco Suárez de Ibarra and Isabel Pimentel

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By Jesus Ibarra - Posted on 11 July 2020

I’m trying to find out if Alferez Real Francisco Suárez y de Ibarra’s and Isabel Pimentel’s son, Miguel, born in 1631, married in 1656 to a woman named Agustina de Zúñiga y Mendoza.
Here is the baptism certificate of Miguel, Francisco Suárez de Ibarra’s son, and the marriage certificate of Miguel and Agustina, which does not mention the name of the parents. I would like to know if they are the same person. Does anybody have any reference or source? Thank you

Sorry, nothing to help connect the couple. The only other thing I have is Miguel's christening:

I see they had kids in Gudalajara, maybe look at their baptisms and see if Francisco and Isabel's relatives or Isabel herself were padrinos. That may help confirm your suspicions.

FYI Isabel died in 1665

Thank you

Hi Jesús,

I think this might help:

It lists Miguel de Ibarra Pimentel married to Agustina de Zúñiga y Viscaino as the albacea of Nicolas de Viscaino, his suegro.

Also additional info in Nicolas Viscaino's will:



Thank you Richard!!
This is great!! I'm going to read both documents. Do you have any evidence of Miguel's and Agustina's son, Francisco Xavier, born in 1678, married a woman named Lorenza de la Plaza. This would be the last step to proof my direct ancestry to Francisco Suárez de Ibarra.
Thank you vey much!!

Wow thank you for providing the info on Miguel. Do you know if any other of Francisco and Isabel's children besides Miguel and Francisco el Mozo, were married?

Hello Luigi:
Juan de Ibarra y Pimentel , born 1640, married Teresa de Sabalsa.
His "partida de entierro"

His "partida de bautismo"

Marriage of his daughter:

"Padrino" of Nicolás Salvador de Ibarra,son of Francisco de Ibarra, who I believe is son of Miguel de Ibarra and Agustina Zúñiga VIzcaino.


Thank you for this information. I have worked alot on Francisco and Isabel and I could never find any descendants other than their son Francisco. Looks like the family went to Nayarit!


Jesus And Alex,

I'm sorry to say I don't have any further information on Miguel's children, but I think the case you presented on another thread is suggestive. If I find anything I will post it!

- Richard

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