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Translation needed

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By kmcruz92123 - Posted on 26 June 2020


I was able to locate the attached wedding certificate for my great-grandparents, though it's in Spanish and need help with the translation. Also, I'm searching for their parents, is this sort of information listed on the document and if so, what does it say?

Many thanks! Karen



"In Saucedo's chapel, on May the eleventh of 1870, the Pr. Ygnacio Olivares with the license of the parish priest, with the previous matrimonial information and having sent everything else to revise in the Holy Council of Trento, married and (I don't know the translation of "velar", sorry) Dolores Macías and Juana Lozada: godparents Lucas Lechuga and Matiana Macías, witnesses: Leonardo Gutiérrez and Zeferina Díaz, and for the record I signed it with the priest"

hope it helps!

Jose Dolores Macias is the son of Francisco Macias and Benigna Varela.

Juana Lozano (Losada) (Loza) is the daughter of Francisco Lozano and Maria del Refugio Macias.

Francisco is the son of Juan Crisostomo Losada (Loza) and Clemencia Ríos
Juan Crisostomo Losada (Loza) Is the son of Diego Loza and Maria Petra Rodriguez.

Clemencia Ríos is the daughter of Jose Albino Rios and María Lucia Gonzalez.

María del Refugio is the daughter of Jose Ma. Macias and Ygnacia Viramontes (Miramontes.)

Jose Ma. Macias is the son of Juan Francisco Macias and Ma. Gertrudis de la Luz Silva

Rick A. Ricci

I have a strong feeling that Jose de Los Dolores Macias is not the biological son of Benigna Varela. The marriage record has her as the mother, but I believe that she is his stepmother. I believe that hiS biological mother is María Candida Guerra. This is only a hypothesis, and more research needs to be done to see if this is true.

Rick A. Ricci

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