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Apellido Lugo

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By locolupe - Posted on 19 June 2020

My biological father was Lugo. He was born in San Jose de La Paz, Jalisco but that last name is not originally from the Cienega region of Jalisco since my great great grandfather was born in San Pedro Piedra Gorda (Manuel Doblado, Guanajuato and then moved to Jalisco when he married in the 1870’s . I believe they are originally from Guanajuato since the last name Lugo is very common around San Miguel Allende and Leon. Does anyone know who is the patriarch of this last name in Mexico. I’ve heard rumors that all the Lugos descend from a early Spanish settler who was a slave trader in a Leon, Guanajuato. Any help on this surname would be greatly appreciated.

A few of us have researched families from that area, and would be happy to help you learn more. Could you share with us more information? Names of ancestors?

I have Lugo in my ancestry. And there is most likely a slave connection, but not as a trader. My Lugo ancestor is a “mulato libre” living in the early 1700’s. My ancestry DNA results do not show this African ancestry as it seems that it contributed less than 1% of my DNA. My Lugo ancestor is from Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico. Some Lugo family members were originally Fernández de Lugo.


Hi tocayo,

I also have Lugo from Teocaltiche, who is your ancestor?

I descend from Tomas de Lugo and his wife Maria Teresa de Jesus Tejeda, through their daughter Maria Josefa Gertrudis. Here is her marriage in Jalos:

I do not have very much info on them, only the marriage of another duaghter.



Hola Tacayo and primo,

I also descend from Josepha Gertudis Lugo, twice, through my father and mother. And I have to make a correction, It was her husband Jph. Justo Gutierrez that was a mulato. María Josepha Gertrudis Lugo was an “española.”
I descend from their son, Pedro Justo Gutierrez y Lugo baptized 7/feb/1753 in Jalostotitlán.

Pedro Jose Gutierrez married Maria de la Merced Saines De Santiago. Their daughter, Felipa (Feliciana) Gutierrez married José María Gomez and had at least two daughters. My father descends from one of the daughters, Justa Rufina Gomez Gutierrez and my mother descends from the other daughter, Maria de la Trinidad Gómez Gutierrez.

I would like to hear how you descend from Maria Josepha Gertrudis Lugo.


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