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Lost ancestor

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By labananilla - Posted on 16 June 2020

Hello everyone! I have a question about an ancestor I can't seem to find.

There is this baptism record: (last of the left page) where two of my ancestors have a child. I don't quite understand the name, but I think it's "J. Abraham". The problem is that it's the only record I have: no marriage, no death record, nothing. He was born in 1877 in Nochistlán, and the burial records from 1866-1879 are missing, so he might have died very young. However, is there any other possibility, such as maybe he became a priest or something? I have to say, I haven't yet been exhaustive with the death records, since they are a ton. I was wondering, if he became a priest, is there any specific record where I could find about it?

There is also the sort of census the church has from 1899, but the whole family is missing, which also has me wondering and keeps me from seeing if he's still alive by then. All of their children were born in Los González; however, the document with información matrimonial from my direct ancestor says she was from Las Trojes. Anyhow, I checked both towns, as well as all of the towns that surround them, and they're simply not there. I don't think they moved, though, since they didn't appear to have too much money, and just a year after they have another kid in Las Trojes. I am quite puzzled here.

The record does say J. Abraham. J. Abraham Pulido may have used “José “ or Abraham as his name.

There is a José A. Pulido that comes up in a census in 1930. Census records are not always accurate when listing the ages, especially when there is a big age difference between the spouses. He is listed as being 48 with an 18 year old wife. You should check for baptismal or birth records of his children to see if José A. Pulido and J. Abraham Pulido are the same person. Jose A. Pulido has a 17 year-old son In 1930 so his wife Couldn’t be his son’s biological mother as she is 18 in 1930.

We are distantly related through Delgadillo, Diaz de Leon, Carbajal, Figueroa, and other surnames. Our closest ancestors live in the early 1700’s.

Rick A. Ricci

That might be him, indeed. Since I posted, I checked the death records and burial records one by one, and didn't find a thing... I was also able to locate the family in the 1899 census: they were in Benavides, for some reason, but there was no José or Abraham among them. There was, however, one single "Jesús Pulido" in their actual town, Los González. It seems funny, because in 1901 one of their children, my great grandmother, gets married and declares to live in that town, not Benavides. I thought maybe he was "Jesús Abraham". It doesn't change much though haha I can't find anything with that name either.

That's really cool! My grandpa is Carbajal. The main line I'm researching is Sandoval, but they're so many! And therefore there are many other last names to research in that same endeavour, it's so amazing.

Hi Ana,

Is your great-grandmother’s name “Manuela”? Jose A. Has a daughter Manuela that I assume is named after Manuela Sandoval (j. Abraham’s maternal grandmother.

J. Abraham Son of Sixto Pulido Agapita Gonzalez

.Jose A. Pulido is the father of Francisco Pulido, Gabriel Pulido, and Manuela Pulido.

I believe that “Juan Venavides and Maria Josefa Covarrubias” are the same couple known as “Juan de Dios Benavides and Maria de San Jose Eustaquia Covarrubias “. Hey were married 15/May/1811. Juan is the son of Mateo Benavides and María Petra Lopez. María de San Jose EuStaquia is the daughter of J. Lazaro Covarrubias Y Carillo and Maria Petra de Jesus Gonzalez y Garcia.

Rick A.Ricci


Yes, his grandmother is Manuela Sandoval. I thought so too, because he also has a brother named Gabriel, but I think this daughter is rather named after her own mother. Gabriel Pulido and Manuela Pulido were baptised in 1929, and their registry says that the parents of José A. Pulido are Herculano Pulido and Ysidra Arroyo... :(

That pointed out, however, that I have only been looking in Nochistlan (rookie mistake perhaps). So I will rather look him up everywhere near and check every registry to see if something comes up. There are a couple of "José Pulido" that migrated to the US; and one of his brothers (Gabriel) I suspect did so too. So who knows. He's such a puzzle.

I don't think I've come across Juan Benavides or María Josefa Covarrubias (though I may very well have forgotten). Benavides does appear a few times in my tree; the grandmother of J. Abraham is María Lina Benavides Medrano.

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