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By alicebb - Posted on 14 June 2020

Hola Familia,
I'm no where as experienced in research as some of you, but in the few years I've been at it,
I haven't come across this. I'm wondering if I'm reading this baptismal entry correctly.
Is it listing the parents and adoptive parents of a baby? Thanks so much.
Alice BB

Hi! Well, I think so, it definitely says "por adopción". But what really catches my eye is the crossed out word. Where they always state if they are legitimate or illegitimate children, they seem to have crossed out another word, and then wrote something else above.

I can't fully understand any of them tbh but it looks like "hijo adulterino", which was a child born from a cheating spouse. The word on top might say "espurio", which matches the theory.

Also, it says the father is single while the mother is married. So maybe that's why they adopted the child? Also it seems interesting that the word "soldado" is there, but I wouldn't know if the father was a soldier (maybe that adds information to this story) or if it means something else (since it also says the adoptive parents are "soldados" and I don't think women could do that back then?)

Hope it helps!

Thank you. I found this a difficult baptismal entry to read not only because of the redactions, but also the terms used were new to me in a baptismal entry. The reason I researched this 1801 entry, is that I'm descended from a subsequent child of the biological couple, whom by the way, were married in 1802. There's got to be a story there!

That town was a way station for gathering of Spanish military on it's way into Texas and points beyond. The 1718 founders of San Antonio were gathered there before they embarked on their mission to settle what is now San Antonio. So, yes, he probably was a soldier. Now as for the adoptive parents, especially the wife, don't know if they were soldiers, too.
Thank you again for your help.
Alice B Blake

The way I understand it, Miguel Flores, the soldier, and Rita Romero, the married wife, are the parents of the illegitimate child, Jose antonio. Jose Antonio de Cardenas, and his wife, Juana de Dios Tijerino, adopted the child. It says soldiers in plural, but most likely the only soldier was José Antonio Cardenas.

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