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Does anyone know how to get documents to open in Aguascalientes Public Archive?

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 14 June 2020

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to open the documents to view in this public archive of Aguascalientes? I want to look at a 3 page document of a esclavo that was bought by Fernando De La Campa y Cos in 1724. In the past, I did view it but I didn't save the documents. Now when I want to view it, it doesn't open.

To use Publica Archive of Aguascalientes:

Usuario: sigue.publica

Clave: publica

Once you log in click on the "SGG Archivo Historico"

Then click the drop down menu of "Tipo Documental"

I chose the topic "Compraventa Esclavo"

And on pages 301 - 400 of 488 near the bottom under the head title "Contratantes" is the transaction by Fernando De La Campa y Coz

I clicked on that and it tries to open but never does. Before in the past it did, but now when I want to read that document in more detail it won't open.

I hope one of you can help out and thank you if you try to help.

Yea that site hasn't worked for me for like 2 years. I asked the same question on here and no one answered. Good luck!

I too have had that problem and posted on it years ago...Hope someone has an answer to your question!


It was down for months, I contacted them via facebook and email and said that the servers was turned off, and that they didn't know if it was going to be back up soon.
I checked two weeks ago, and it was working again.

This time I've been saving as many documents as possible for fear it might be down in the future again.

Hi Isloera,

Can you give info on how to contact them to view the documents of the aguascalientes archive?

The site is up and running. If it asks you to sign in, userid and password shown in the initial note work.

The trick is to ensure you are using MS Internet Explorer (Edge won't work) and you must have MS Silverlight to actually view the document. My current machine does not work, but I still have an older machine on windows 7 with both explorer and silverlight. This has allowed me to view images. I viewed one this evening.

You can also try writing to folks that manage the archives and ask if they will pull a specific document for you. They did it for me once, but they didn't respond to subsequent requests.

FYI... I tried to find the document referenced under the topic Compraventa de Esclavo. The system only allowed me to view the first page of results. Not sure why. I also tried to find a record for Fernando de la Campa y Coz and didn't find anything under Contratantes. I would have been happy to pull it for you if I could have found it.

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