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Help Reading a Record - Groom's Parents

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By mralvarez314 - Posted on 11 June 2020

Hello! In the marriage record for Francisco Hidalgo and Nicolasa de Blanca, I see herdo ydalgo (Hernando Hidalgo) and bisante nunes (Vicenta Nunes) listed as the groom's parents. Am I right? The one I am most unsure about is the name of the groom's mother.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I agree with you on the Hernando but I think that Hernando’s wife’s name looks more like Violante to me.


Daniel Serna Valencia


I would say it's definitely Hernando Hidalgo, but I wouldn't know about Vicenta. Because the last letter is definitely an e, and usually the spelling varies in b and v, s and c... but I haven't seen "Vicente" instead of "Vicenta". I agree that it looks more like Violante. I would also take into account that, by that time, a lot of last names are "de" something. My last name derives from "Sandoval" into "de Sandoval", and there is a funny space in there, so maybe the name ends with "n" and the last name is "de Nuñez"?

Violante! I see it now.

Thank you both for your help, Daniel and Ana.

I see B, not V. I read it as Biolante Nuñez.
Compare the “B” used for Blanca To the “B” used in Biolante.

Rick A. Ricci

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