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Rodrigo de Castro Tlaltenango. (married to Francisca Rodas)

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By superhorrible - Posted on 06 June 2020


I need help reading a record.
It is the baptismal record of Francisco Gonzalez (4 nov 1639) in tlaltenango.
The godparents were:
Rodrigo de castro "turget???" y Catalina Ponce doncella su cunada

The "turget" (I don't think is that) could be a clue.

Here is the link:

Thanks y Saludos

susana L

I also see "turget"

so I looked it up and got this:


third-person singular present active indicative of turgeō

turgeō (present infinitive turgēre, perfect active tursī); second conjugation, no passive, no supine stem

I am swollen, swell out.
(figuratively) I swell (with rage); I am enraged.
(figuratively, of speech) I am inflated or bombastic.

~ Andrea


Thank you so much for looking at the image. The turget is an incredible mistery. But it is another piece of the puzzle



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