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Ramos from Mascota, Jalisco

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By karinargarcia - Posted on 26 February 2020

Hello, this is my 1st post. Does anyone know or have any Ramos surnames from Mascota, Jalisco in their lines? My 3rd Great Grandfather was Sebastian Ramos who married Maria Nabor Orosco from Arandas. Sebastian's father was Cristobol Ramos who was married to Maria Cenobia Tobar from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. I cannot locate anything past Cristobol Ramos. I am estimating his birth to be around 1805.

I don’t have information on Cristoval Ramos, but Sebastian Ramos was married to Maria Nabor del Refugio Orosco on 17/Feb/1868 en Arandas, Jalisco.

María Cenobia de Jesús Tovar is the daughter of José Rafael Antonio de Tovar and Maria Secundina de la Trinidad Licea. Ma. Cenobia de Jesús Tovar was baptized 31/Oct/1819 in San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato. She was baptized the day after birth.

José Rafael Antonio de Tovar and Maria Secundina de la Trinidad Licea was married 30/Oct/1814, San Jose Iturbide, Guanajuato

I believe that Maria Secundina de la Trinidad Licea is the daughter of José Ramon Licea and María Jesús de la Trinidad Muñoz, (still need to confirm.)

I hope this information can help you with your research,

Rick A. Ricci

Thank you. I do have them on my tree. I can't find any record past Cristobol.

One of the problems with researching the Cristóbal name is that in many records it is written in many different forms: Cristoval, Xtobal, Xtbl, Cristóbal, Xristobal, Xbl. The other issue is that it is often a middle name with the middle name being José or Juan.

First candidate:
José Xtobal Ramos Palafox was baptized in 15/Aug/1780 in Zacatecas
Parents: Juan Ramos and Juana Maria de Palafox

Second candidate has another marriage:
Xtobal de Jesus Ramos married to Maria Rafaela Garcia in Guadalajara on 7/Oct/1821

Third candidate:
Xtoval Doroteo Ramos baptized 16/June/1776 in Teocaltiche Jalisco by parents Domingo Ramos and Maria Dominga

Fourth candidate:
Juan Cristoval Ramos married to Maria Laureana Garcia in 12/April/1815 in Jalostotitlan, Jalisco

Wish you much success in your research Karina,
Rick A. Ricci

Thank you so much Rick. I didn't know what other variations of his name could be other than spelling it with a "V" or a "b" (Cristoval/Cristobal). His son Sebastian, I have been searching for his baptismal record to see who his paternal grandparents could be. I will try to search using other spelling variations of the name.

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