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La Villa de Zamora - Origins of the last name Martin de Liebano

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By Ruben Hdez - Posted on 08 February 2020

Hello forum.

In searching for the origin of the last name Martin de Liebano - seen in many records in la villa de Zamora over the entire XVIII century - I found that the parents of the earliest Martin de Liebano are Juan Martin Barragan (Priest, b.1627-d.1694) and Tomasina de Liebano (d.1678. The widow of Luis del Rio, the daughter of Agustin Maciel and the granddaughter of Juan Maciel and Ana de Liebano).

Any help in confirming/denying this assertion is appreciated.

I.-Tomasina de Liebano - The mother of the Martin de Libanos

One of the earliest Martin de Liebano is Jose. Jose married his first cousin Maria Arias Maldonado.

1.1 - Jose and Maria marriage dispensation

Jose says that his illegitime (natural) father Juan Martin de Barragan was the brother of the deceased regidor Nicolas Martin Barragan and Nicolas was the father of Maria.

The 2nd. witness (Mateo Marquez de la Mora) says he knows that Jose is the son of the deceased Tomasina de Liebano and that jose was born when Tomasina was already a widow.

Tomasina was buried 17 May 1678. The record states she was single and that she was the widow of Luis del Rio.

Jose was christened 23 Apr 1665. Oddly, the record only says "hijo de Tomasina de Liebano", without the usual "y de padre no conocido".

Two more marriage dispensations identifying Tomasina de Liebano:

1.2 - Jose Martin de Liebano (Tomasina's grandson) and Maria Ana de la Serna

                                      Family tree

                  Agustin Maciel - 1 - Maria Maciel + [ Gregorio de Bejar ]
                         Tomasina - 2 - Cristobal de Bejar
Agustin Martin de Liebano - 3 - Teresa de Bejar
     Jose Martin de Liebano - 4 - Mariana de la Serna

1.3 - Francisco del Rio Montesinos (Tomasina's grandson) and Josefa Hurtado de Riofrio

                                     Family tree

                         Tomasina - 2 - Cristobal de Bejar
                       Luis del Rio - 3 - Juana de Bejar
               Francisco del Rio - 4 - Josefa Hurtado de Riofrio

Besides Jose and Agustin Martin de Liebano (Tomasina's children above), there were two more Martin de Liebano siblings, they were Juan and Leonor Martin de Liebano. They are listed in this marriage dispensation:

1.4 - Jose Rafael de Arceo and Mariana Ramirez

                                     Family tree

   Juan Martin de Liebano - 1 - Leonor Martin de Liebano
                           Tomasa - 2 - Diego Arceo
                Teresa Davalos - 3 - Miguel de Arceo
              Mariana Ramirez - 4 - Jose Rafael de Arceo

Leonor married Miguel de Arceo 30 Apr 1670. She is listed as an orphan of (the house of) Ursula de la Huerta. Her son Diego married Maria Lopez de Ortega, Diego and Maria were 3rd. cousins.

1.5 - Diego and Maria mariage dispensation

                                     Family tree

   Alonso Martin Barragan - 1 - Juan Martin Barragan
        Ines (de Arciniega *) - 2 - Juan Martin
                   Ines Navarro - 3 - Leonor
                    Maria Lopez - 4 - Diego de Arceo

* (Ines de Arciniega married Manuel Navarro Gaitan 29 May 1667)

II - Juan Martin Barragan - The father of the Martin de Liebanos

Juan Martin Barragan was the brother of the regidor Nicolas Martin Barragan, Nicolas was married to Dionisia Arias Maldonado (see 1.1).

The name of the father of Juan Martin Barragan (and Nicolas Martin Barragan) is Juan Martin Barragan. This last Juan Martin Barragan has a brother named Alonso Martin Barragan (see 1.5).

The regidor Nicolas Martin Barragan (husband of Dionisia Arias) was buried 3 Aug 1690. According to the death record he was born about 1635, then, Juan and Nicolas were born around that time frame.

The uncle of Juan and Nicolas, Alonso Martin Barragan, was married to Maria de Arciniega as can be seen on the previously cited marriage record of their daughter Ines de Arciniega. Maria de Arciniega was buried 12 Dec 1650. According to the death record, she was born about 1600, then, Alonso Martin Barragan was born around that time frame.

The only two Martin Barragan brothers named Juan and Alonso in Zamora at that time frame are the sons of Padro Martin Barragan and Ana Robledo. Juan was regidor (buried 13 Oct 1660), he married Ursula de la Huerta 6 Feb 1621. They had, among others, two sons named Juan (christened 10 Mar 1627) and Nicolas (christened 4 Sep 1629). It makes a lot of sense that his son Nicolas was regidor after his father's death.

Juan Martin Barragan - son of the regidor Juan Martin Barragan, nephew of Alonso Martin Barragan, brother of the regidor Nicolas Martin Barragan - was sued by the Ochoa Garibay family shortly after the death of his father (see the file here). He was a Lizenciado Presbytero. Juan Martin Barragan was buried 7 Feb 1694.

Some of these families are discussed on this thread:


Thanks Danny.

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