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The Cathe4dral del Senor del Santo Sepulcro

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By jospuen - Posted on 11 January 2020

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I'm helping a friend research his family. However, he seem to find no records for the following cathedral in Mexico City...The Cathedral del Senor del Santo Sepulcro. Is there a way to search by church? Is there another resource I can utilize? Thankyou in advance.

marty puentes

I searched in Family Search in a number of ways, ie, location and key word. according to google this church is in Iztapalapa, which is located in the Distrito Federal. I found no entries for this Church or diocese.

The Diocese of Iztapalapa was erected in 2019, out of the archdiocese of Mexico.

The cathedral seems to have had a couple of other names ...Nuestro Señor de la Cuevita and Señor del Santo Sepulcro de Jerusalen.

This Wikipedia article may be of help.

This may also be helpful

There are some Family Search catalog entries for church is Iztapalapa, under different names than mentioned, which may be worth a look.

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