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Research Digest, Vol 167, Issue 5

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By Jose Humberto Suarez - Posted on 30 December 2019

Sometimes in old documents when people referred to certain family relations, they didn’t meant them to be as present day.

Example: my son could be the son-in-law
Brother was used also for brother-in-law
Nieto or nieta could be used for grandchild or great-grandchild.

Several genealogies and researchers have had headaches when Encountering some of this terms.

Best regards

José Humberto Suárez Villarreal

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> Rachel,
> That is the question we have all been asking ? I believe that there is at least one Informaciones Matrimoniales that state that Petronila was Moctezuma?s granddaughter ? at least that is what memory serves. The million dollar question is who her parents were. Supposedly, Guillermo Tovar de Teresa had located proof of her parentage and supporting the theory that she was daughter of Diego Sotelo; unfortunately, he died before he was able to publish his findings. However, he did share his information with Mariano Gonz?lez-Leal so there is hope to getting our questions answered.
> As fo Martin ? I believe he was Martin de Gabay, el Navarro. However, he has been referred to as Martin Navarro as well.
> If you look back in the archives on Nuestros Ranchos, you will see that this topic is pretty well covered.
> -Angelina-
>> On Dec 29, 2019, at 1:49 AM, wrote:
>> I'm new to the family of Petronila's descendants. A very distant cousin of
>> mine posted a family tree on Ancestry with 33,000 people including my 8th
>> great grandparents, Joseph de Contreras and Cecilia de Renteria. My cousin
>> doesn't list her sources on Ancestry so I have been slowly researching and
>> documenting each person. Today, I made the mistake of picking up Chipman's
>> book which says my 13th GGM Petronila de Sotelo doesn't exist.
>> and Family Search seem to back him up. All the records people cite are not of
>> Petronila. I want to prove she existed. What do you know about Martin de
>> Gabay Navarro? My first question is, "Is his name Navarro de Gabay or de
>> Gabay de Navarro? (Martin Navarro from Gabay or Martin de Gabay from
>> Navarre?). I'm starting to realize that some of these names are places. Can
>> someone tell me what PARES and SHARR are? I want more places to dig. I'm
>> stubborn and I just finished an MS in Business - not a related field but I am
>> trained to research and I don't know what to do with my extra time. If
>> Petronila is not Leonor Valderrama's descendant, I have also lost
>> Charlemagne. He is a direct ancestor of Cristobal Valderrama and Diego de
>> Sotelo. I'm now regretting not going into that giant LDS temple in my
>> hometown of LA. I was under the incorrect impression that they only had US
>> records and maybe some European records. Do they have anything that is not on
>> FamilySearch or My Heritage? Any help welcome... Thanks, Rachel Juarez Vargas


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