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Found a Padron for the year 1861 for the municipal of Degollado, Jalisco

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By Esther Hernande... - Posted on 23 December 2019


I found a padron from 1861 when the municipal of Degollado was created.
I'm not sure how to attached a pdf file to this site. If someone can tell me how to attach it I can share it.

Thank you,

Hi Esther,

I haven't tried it myself, but I think you can upload the PDF to your member file folder on this site, and in that way share it with other members. I do have family from Degollado, so I am very interested in the padrón you found.

By the way, I forgot to list another book about Degollado that I bought this past summer, this one for children, and it's called Historia en verso del Pueblo de Degollado Jalisco by Jesús Parra González (el maestro).

Did you ever break through your brick wall on Buenaventura Hernández Martínez? I remember you searched forever for his baptismal record.

Hi MrAlvarez,

I tried to upload the file but it's to large. If you want I can email it to you. This padron was taken to make Degollado and all of the surrounding ranches to a municipal.

Yes I finally figured out why I could not find his baptism registration. His mother Guadalupe Martin (also Martinez) was first married to Juan Hernandez and she became a widow in 1844. They had one daughter together. In a lot of the Buenaventuras childrens baptisms I would find names that were his sibling but could not find there baptismal registration either but I did find one sister which was the first child Guadalupe had with Juan Hernandez. So I went through the confirmation documents and found Guadalupe Martinez with two of her boys. One was Bentura Sanchez (the one I have been looking for and the other son which I had found his death registration but with the last name Hernandez but on the confirmation was Moreno. So the last piece I was looking for to confirm it was really them was the padron I found for 1861. It mentions all the children I had found but could not find their baptism registration because they were all from different fathers but she gave them the last name Hernandez. I think to make it easier on them or embarrassment. It only took me over a year to figure this out hehe but it was worth it. Now I'm on the search for the Sanchez family.

Who is your family in Degollado? My parents are Roberto Hernandez Ramirez and my mother is Josefina Lopez Fuentes.

Let me know if you want me to email you the document, my email address is


I just sent you an email.

Thank you for offering to share the padrón.

Hi, can you send me the padron as well? My email is

I don't have ancestors in Degollado at that time, but my wife does. I'm not sure about the surnames but I'll check my family file later. I think some of her surnames from Degollado are Bernardino and Rosales.

Steve in NC

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the delay but I was in Degollado visiting my parents.

I just emailed you the document.



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