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Legitimo but then Natural?

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By Raramosa - Posted on 03 December 2019

I was wondering if any of you have experience on what is going on when certain children of the same parents are labelled legitimate while others are labeled naturales.

For example, the children of Jose Ramos and Anastasia Jimenes, who were living in Sayula, Jalisco in the 1860s.

The two following children are listed as legitimate:

Ma. Genobia:

But this son is listed as natural:


Perhaps I need to look further into Jose and Anastasia to see if they are related, but I was just looking for what immediately comes to the mind of the more experienced researchers here.


I have seen this a few times. I discovered the reason for one of these was that the couple had a few kids before marrying, and then a few after. Once they were married, many considered the children legitimate.

Rick A. Ricci

True, but in this case, the natural was born after the others which makes me a little confused.

This isn’t an isolated case. I have found other examples of this happening

Rick A. Ricci

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