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By Cindy Roberts - Posted on 26 November 2019

Hi everyone,

A very kind person here introduced me to the informacion matrimonial records. If I have a date and place of the marriage, how do I find the IM record if it's not indexed? In other words, was there a mandatory waiting period before they got married? Should I start looking in the records one year before the marriage, six months before the marriage, two months before the marriage?

Thank you,


Hi Cindy
I have found it varies by period, the priest and other variables but it is mostly 1 month prior. Example: if person marries Jan 10, 1730, you would look for it Dec 10, 1729. I normally start with the first of Dec to be sure. However as in all things there are exceptions, IM's can be taken a week before. Records are usually mixed up. You can have a Traveling priest so they go pueblo to pueblo, the years go backwards or dates. If there are only three years say for example 1729 to 1731 and there are 700 pages there might be different years included or other situations. And though you may not find an IM for a couple it could be that either it was taken elsewhere where the groom or the bride lives or there exists a Dispensa.

Good Luck,

Simona, thank you so much!

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