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Question On Dispensations

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By Raramosa - Posted on 18 November 2019

I would like to verify with the group the different distinctions that come up when looking at a marriage dispensation.

Concerning the dispensation here:

It states: "El impedimento de afinidad licita en prmier grado igual"

I understand this to be a legal relationship in the first degree. Does this mean that the new bride is the sister of the deceased wife?

The charts here:, are mildly confusing and I would like to double check.

Based on other records, the deceased wife was 18 at the time of her death in 1886. The new wife is 32 in 1892, so there would have been an 8 year difference between the two women. Additionally, the old wife's parents are listed as Jesus Chavez and Antonia Ortega. The new wife's parents are Juan Jesus Chavez and Antonia Gutierrez. I don't want to jump to the conclusion just yet that Antonia is an Ortega Gutierrez/Gutierrez Ortega just yet, and I am looking for direction in the dispensation.


Based on your information I would assumed that you are right. The first wife was the sister of the second wife.
Regarding the discrepancy between Antonia Gutierrez vs Antonia Ortega, to make sure I would search for her parents. I'm assuming that you are going to find Ortega/Gutierrez (either order)
I had a case like that once (i woman that kept changing last names late 1800's). I found out that she was an illegitimate child. That is just one reason. Another one (very common) is that is somehow a compound last name.
I hope this helps. Good luck!


Take a look at this family tree. Check it out and see if it is the family you are looking for.

Juan Jesus Chavez is the son of Agustin Chavez and Maria De Jesus ? (Possibly Gonzalez)

Antonia Ortega is the daughter of Juan Ortega and Maria De Jesus Macias

Juan Ortega and Maria De Jesus Macias were married on 25 February 1835
In San Francisco de Asís, Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco, Mexico

Juan Ortega is the son of Jose De la Trinidad Ortega and María de Carmen Garcia

Maria De Jesus Macias is the daughter of Antonio Macias and Barbara Benegas

Antonio Macias and Barbara Benegas we’re married on
7 April 1818
Tepatitlan De Morelos,Jalisco,Mexico

Good Luck,
Rick A. Ricci

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