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By Cindy Roberts - Posted on 11 November 2019

Hi everyone, my name is Cindy Pesqueda Roberts and it's very nice to meet you. I found this group when I happened upon the Mexican Genealogy Facebook page, and I am so thankful for these groups. I began doing a little genealogy research several years ago, but started actively doing more after our oldest son bought DNA kits for us for Christmas. It is so addicting. I try do some research any chance I get, but it's never as often as I'd like. I've gotten quite a few names on all my branches but just recently decided to go back and concentrate on my paternal line and confirm that everything that I have is correct before moving on. I'm also trying to fill in a lot of missing pieces. I believe that our surname was originally Esqueda and if I'm correct, it changed to Pesqueda sometime between my great-grandfather, Andres Pesqueda (b. abt. 1874), and my great-great grandfather, Rafael Esqueda/Pesqueda (b. abt. 1828). I'm still trying to find more documentation to confirm (or deny) this theory. According to my father, his siblings, and his cousins, the family was from Los Potreros and Aguascalientes. I have not been able to find Rafael's birth/baptismal record or Andres' marriage record. If anyone could point me in another direction of where to find these records I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group. And thanks in advance for any information, guidance, and support you can give.

Welcome Cindy. I have this family in my line (I didn't known it). Not sure if this is your family as this family is from Guanajuato in the late 1870's. If this is not your family, perhaps you can share some more information about the couples spouses. Once again welcome.

Rafael Pesqueda
1840–1947 • LB77-GF5​​
Marriage: 29 FEB 1860
San Francisco De Asis,Penjamo,Guanajuato,Mexico

Maria Ynes Rodriguez
1840–Deceased • MFXQ-QQX



Joseph Antonio Damacio Esqueda 1738 - 1790.

Hi there and thanks for reaching out! Rafael Pesqueda is my 2x grandfather. Unfortunately, I don't know much about him. He and his son Andres (my great grandfather) are the ones I am searching for right now. I haven't even been able to locate a birth record for him. The only way I know he existed is from birth and death records of his children and his marriage record. I know his wife was Maria Ynes Rodriguez. I've also seen her with the surname of Avalos. I believe the surname used to be Esqueda.
He had 4 children:
Juana Pesqueda Rodriguez (about 24 Jun 1860) married to Tomas Rodriguez. As far as I know, they only had one child; Maria Socorro. They lived in Charlotte, Tx.

Maria Juliana Gabina Pesqueda b: 15 Feb 1861 (I can't find any other records than her birth record).

Porfirio Pesqueda b. about 1869. He was married to Carlota Perez. I think they only had one son but as I'm typing this, they might have had twins. I'll have to do further research and get back to you...

Hilaria del Refugio Pesqueda b. 20 Jan 1873. Birth record is the only record I have found.

J. Andres Cerapion Luz Pesqueda (my great grandfather) b. 9 Nov 1874. Also the only record for him that I have found.

I am actively searching for him so if anything changes, or if I find more information, I will let you know. If you have any information, I would be so grateful if you would share it with me too. Thank you. Cindy

That is my family tree :-)

My Paternal 4th GG Dionisio Saldivar married Maria Carmen Esqueda (she was born abt 1782, and I can't find her parents...wondering if she's from the same lineage? Area of Nochistlan and Teocaltiche.

The only person I have found close to that name is Maria Henrique del Carmen Esqueda Velasquez, but she was born in 1807 in Apatzeo, Guanajuato. Her parents were Jose Rafael Esqueda and Maria Felipa de la Acension Velasquez Holguin.

Thank you! Yes, they are my family! Rafael is my 3-times GG on my paternal line. Do you have any information on him or his wife that you would be willing to share? How are you related to them? You are welcome to look at my tree and see my information. I have not been able to find a birth record for him. If you need any information from me, I am happy to help. Let me know. Thank you so much!

Jose Rafael Pesqueda is the son of Jose Rafael Esqueda and Maria Felipa Asencion Aguirre.

Jose Rafael Esqueda is son of Joseph Antonio Damacio Esqueda 1739 - 1790.
and Anna Maria Barthola Aguirre

Sebastian De Aguirre and María Francisca de Escamilla are the parents of Anna Maria Barthola Aguirre

marriage:29 November 1721Morelia,Celaya,Guanajuato,Mexico

Maria Felipa Ascencion Velasquez
baptized 04 MAY 1788
San Juan Bautista,Apatzeo El Grande,Guanajuato
Daughter of Jose Casimiro Velasquez and Maria Josepha Holguin (aka Olguina, aka Josefa O.)who were married marriage:22 June 1774San Juan Bautista,Apatzeo El Grande,Guanajuato,Mexico.

Rick A. Ricci

Thank you, Rick. I have most of that information but I still have not been able to find a birth record for Jose Rafael Pesqueda. That is what I would really like to find.


Be sure to check out the Aguascalientes civil records at They have been indexed, and are linked to the images of the documents.

From Ancestry’s search menu, search the catalog for Aguascalientes (or any other state of interest) and from the resultant list you can select Aguascalientes birth, marriage or death records. You can select the one of interest and search specifically for Aguascalientes records. This gives you more relevant results than the general search.

This works for any state in Mexico, but I am not sure how complete they are.

You can search these records for free at any LDS Family History Center, and at many public libraries.

The civil records begin at the end of the 1850’s and from their it is an easy transition to the church records.

George Fulton

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