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does anyone have info. on Cecilia lopez(early landowner in tlaltenango)'s mom

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 29 October 2019

I'm asking this since a few months ago i got my maternal grandma's mtdna results, which were c1c4. I was a bit surpised since i previously thought cecilia was full spanish(the mtdna indicates otherwise). Besides that when i was researching cecilia, i couldn't find much about her mom besides her name. I would like to figure whether it was cecilia's mom or grandma that was full amerindian and whether they were native to tlaltenango or somewhere else.

Hi Katy

Do you mean Maria de Esquibel? I have her death record. (I descend from her quite a few times) It classifies her as Spanish and says she left a will

Same thing happened to me. I got A2d1a if I remember right with an ancestor in Tlaltenango who was always listed as Spanish. I have Maria born about 1580 and my earliest known mtdna ancestor Beatriz Delgado born about 1595. I kind of assumed the Amerindian was further back, maybe their maternal grandmother or even great grandmother who married a Spanish guy shortly after the original conquest.

~ Andrea

Yes, i'm refering to maria esquibel, and thanks for the link to the death record. Too bad i don't know where to find her will. and i think it's likely more recent than a great grandma in maria esquibel's case given she was born in 1580's;either she(talking about maria esquivel) herself, her mom, or perhaps even her maternal grandma was full amerindian most likely(thought i think one of the former two is more likely).

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