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Lorenza de Oballe Liebana cc Diego Magdaleno, Juan Asencio de Leon cc Geronima de Liebana, et al

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 27 October 2019

Hola prim@s,

I was reading through the IM of Geronimo Magdaleno and Rosa de Figueroa San Anton, 4 Oct 1690, Tangancicuaro, Mich. Geronimo Magdaleno was son of Tomas Magdaleno and Juana Chavez, and Rosa de Figueroa was daughter of Joseph Figueroa San Anton and Juana de Torres.

According to testimonies, there was concern that there might be an impediment: that Tomas Magdaleno and Joseph de Figueroa, fathers of the groom and bride, were cousins. Joseph Figueroa had told Geronimo Magdaleno that his father was the sibling of the great-grandfather of Tomas Magdaleno. Tomas Magdaleno was son of Diego Magdaleno cc Lorenza de Ovalle Liebana, and Joseph de Figueroa was son of Pedro de San Anton Figueroa cc Geronima de Liebana, so the relationship was probably through Lorenza and Geronima. Several witnesses were brought in, but no one knew what the exact relationship was, only that they always called each other “primo” and treated each other as such. In the end, it was decided that the relationship was too distant, and that a dispensa wasn’t necessary.

But of super interest, are the witnesses that Tomas Magdaleno presents: Tomas de Bejar 60, Juan de Bejar 58, and Francisco de Bejar 54. All three recognize that they are primos hermanos of Tomas Magdaleno. The Bejar boys were sons of Gregorio de Bejar y Sandoval and Maria de Liebana. The relationship is obviously through Lorenza de Ovalle Liebana and Maria de Liebana, establishing them as sisters.

From various dispensations, we know that Maria de Liebana was sister of (please correct me if I’m wrong):
- Agustin Maciel cc Ynes Rodriguez de Morfin
- Juan Asencio de Leon cc Maria de Lomelin

When her son, Gregorio de Bejar, was witness on the IM of Francisco Gomez de Lara and Juana de Liebana, daughter of Alvaro Maciel cc Ysabel de Orozco, he said that he was primo hermano de Juana, and that that Alvaro Maciel was his uncle. Alvaro Maciel was the son of Juan Asencio de Leon cc Geronima de Liebana.

All of this would imply that Lorenza de Oballe y Liebana cc Diego Magdaleno was also a daughter of Juan Asencio de Leon cc Geronima de Liebana.

As it stands, and please correct me if I’m wrong, the children of Juan Asencio de Leon cc Geronima de Liebana are:

- Agustin Maciel cc Ynes Rodriguez de Morfin
- Nicolas Maciel cc Geronima de Ayala y de la Cueva (possibly Beatriz de Vargas y Ulloa en 2o?)
- Lorenza de Oballe Liebana cc Diego Magdaleno
- Alvaro Maciel cc Ysabel de Orozco y Zamora y del Castillo
- Maria de Liebana cc Gregorio de Bejar y Sandoval
- Juan Asencio de Leon cc Maria de Lomelin
- Geronima de Liebana cc Tomas Hernandez Gamiño
- Josepha Asencio de Leon cc Joseph Tello y Orozco
- Anna de Liebana cc Nicolas de Murguia
- Nicolasa de Liebana cc Juan Basilio Ruiz de Velasco
- Pedro Asencio de Leon Blancarte cc Anna de Zamora y Ontiveros

Some of that is from baptism and marriage records, as well as from dispensas for descendants. That’s a lot of children, and covering almost 3 decades, from what I can tell from their individual timelines and known baptism dates!

And now, from the Geronimo Magdaleno cc Rosa de Figueroa IM, we know that Geronima de Liebana cc Juan Asencio de Leon is somehow related to Geronima de Liebana cc Pedro de San Anton Figueroa, who from other records, we know is sister of Maria de Liebana aka Maria de Tapia cc Antonio Jimenez Calderon (my guess is these two are daughters of Juan de Tapia and Geronima de Liebana. Anybody?). According to Joseph Figueroa, the relationship would more or less look like this:

???????????????-1-Geronima de Liebana
Geronima de Liebana-2-Joseph de Figueroa
Lorenza de Oballe-3-Rosa Maria de Figueroa
Tomas Magdaleno-4
Geronimo Magdaleno-5

Possibly, Juan de Tapia and Geronima de Liebana are the tronco of that tree. Anybody?

My brain hurts.
Manny Díez Hermosillo

PS The Geronimo Magdaleno cc Rosa de Figueroa is scattered throughout the film roll, but it’s mapped out on the Valladolid Dispensas website (which I didn’t discover until later!! But great work, y’all!).

Hello Manny,

I've read the IM of Geronimo and Rosa a couple of times. From what I could tell from the witnesses, whatever parentesco there was, it was indeed too remote to be figured out by the eldest of the elders (Juan de Bejar, Francisco de Bejar and Tomas de Bejar - all born in the 1630s). If the parentesco truly existed it would have existed in the generation of Ana Garcia de Liebana cc Juan Maciel Plancarte and earlier. (We're talking mid - late 1500s)

Maria de Liebana (wife of Gregorio de Bejar Sandoval) was actually the daughter of Juan Maciel Plancarte and Ana Garcia de Liebana. We know this through countless dispensas and also given the timeframe of when Juan Ascencio de Leon was having children with Geronima de Liebana vs. when Gregorio and Maria had their children. Juan Ascencio de Leon didn't really show up in Tangancicuaro and the surrounding areas 'til about the mid 1640s. He also didn't start having children 'til about the mid 1640s.

Juan Ascencio de Leon mentions in this following document when he first arrived to the area:

Territorial disputes in Tangancicuaro regarding the lands of the Maciels, Navarro Gaytan, Bernardo Quiroz, etc.

...En el pueblo de Tangancicuaro en diez y siete del mes de Julio de mil seissientos y setenta y dos anos Presento por testigo a Juan Ascencio de Leon vecino de dicha jurisdicion del cual recibi juramento que hizo por Dios nuestro senor y la senal de la cruz en forma de derecho socargo del cual prometio decir verdad y siendole preguntado por el tenor de dicha peticion dijo que abra veinte y ocho anos que vive en esta jurisdicion y en este...

All in all I have Juan Ascencio de Leon cc Geronima de Liebana (daughter of Alvaro Yanez Maciel cc Isabel Orozco del Castillo) as the parents of:

  • Juan Ascencio de Leon cc Maria de Lomelin
  • Geronima Ascencio de Leon cc Tomas Hernandez Gamino
  • Ana de Liebana cc Nicolas de Murguia
  • Antonia de Liebana cc Jose de Vargas
  • Josefa de Liebana cc Jose Tello de Orozco
  • Pedro Ascencio de Leon cc Ana de Zamora y Ontiveros

  • Agustin Maciel cc Ines Rodriguez: I have Agustin as a child of Juan Maciel Blancarte and Ana de Garcia Liebana. Ines was the daughter of Juan Bautista ??? and Mariana ??? as mentioned in this IM:

    Nicolas Maciel cc Geronima de Ayala: I have Nicolas as another possible child of Juan Maciel Blancarte and Ana de Garcia de Liebana. It's a suspicion given that Nicolas and Geronima were having children in the 1640s (Tlazazalca). Geronima de Ayala I have as being a possible child of Tomas de Ayala cc Juana de la Mora y Ovalle. What I find confusing is that there's a Nicolas Maciel and a Geronima de Ayala alonside a Nicolas Maciel and Geronima de la Cueva... Are they one in the same couple? I don't know for certain.

    I don't have Nicolasa de Liebana cc Juan Basilio Ruiz de Velasco in my records.

    One last thing... I find it very interesting that Lorenza de Ovalle y Liebana (cc Diego Magdaleno) actually had the surname Ovalle. Per the witnesses in the IM you mentioned, Lorenza is mentioned with an Ovalle surname. If so... The Maciels have a connection to the Ovalles. The Ovalle surname originates, at least the Michoacan Ovalles, with Diego del Valle, an early settler of Guayarangueo (what later became known as Valladolid and then Morelia). I don't have much information about Diego del Valle other than he fathered two daughters, Felipa de Ovalle cc Sebastian de Torres and Maria de Ovalle cc Diego Sanchez de Mora. Most of the Michoacan Ovalles in and around Tangancicuaro, Jacona, Tlazazalca, etc. are descended from Diego Sanchez de Mora and Maria de Ovalle. I have Diego Sanchez de Mora (The elder) cc Maria de Ovalle as being the parents of:

  • Juana de Mora y Ovalle cc Tomas de Ayala
  • Andres Jimenez de Magana cc Isabel de Mora y Ovalle
  • Diego Sanchez de Mora (The Younger) cc Josefa de Pena
  • Maria de Ovalle cc Juan de Torres Guerrero (These are the suspected parents of Juan de Torres Guerrero and Esteban de Torres Guerrero)

  • The above information was pieced together using at least these documents:

  • Escriptura de censo (Guayarangueo, Michoacan) - 1568
  • Asunto de tierras (Diego Sanchez de Mora - el mozo menciona a Tomas de Ayala - su cunado, etc.) Valladolid, Michoacan - 1609
  • Partida de casamiento de Jose Jimenez Magana y Catalina Sarmiento y Torres Guerrero (Chilchota) - 11/18/1650 - (Se menciona que Jose y Catalina fueron primos y fueron dispensados)

  • Regards,

    Daniel Serna Valencia

    Hi Daniel,

    Is there documentation that says Geronima de Liebana is the daughter of Alvaro Yanez Maciel and Isabel Orozco del Castillo?


    I don't yet have any documentation that proves that Geronima de Liebana was the daughter of Alvaro Yanez Maciel and Isabel Orozco del Castillo. (It's a theory that she's their daughter, given the timeline, place, etc.) If I find something to prove it, I'll pass it along.


    Thank you so much, Daniel!

    This all makes more sense now, and individuals are falling nicely into place - the time lines were just killing me! And thank you for sharing that land dispute - I’ve spent the last couple of days reading it, and I still haven’t finished, but it’s got a wealth of information on these families. Here’s my takeaway:

    First of all, the children of Juan Maciel Plancarte are (from images 445 & 504):

    - Alvaro Maciel cc Ysabel de Orozco
    - Lorensa de Torres cc Diego Magdaleno
    - Pedro Blancarte
    - Maria de Liebana cc Gregorio de Bejar
    - Francisca de Liebana cc Tomas de Ayala
    - Ana de Liebana cc Diego de la Mora
    - Geronima de Liebana cc Juan Asencio de Leon
    - Nicolas Maciel cc Geronima de Ayala
    - Agustin Maciel cc Ines de Morfin
    - Cristobal Blancarte (father of Gertrudis Blancarte cc Juan de Vallejo)

    Alvaro Yañez Garcia was the father of Juan Maciel Plancarte; he died before 25 Jan 1600, when Juan Maciel, as his executor, and as tutor y curador of his siblings, sold some lands to Francisco Martin Muñoz (img522).

    Information on Alvaro Yañez Garcia’s capellania is given on img502; the first capellan was his cuñado, Licenciado Pedro Blancarte; would this be the brother of his wife? This would give us a source for the “Plancarte/Blancarte” surname. And would they be children of Ana Hernandez viuda de Pedro Plancarte, who joined the cofradia de Nra Sra del Rosario on 14 Sep 1593? This would make sense, seeing how “Pedro” is a reoccurring name in these families.


    Licenciado Nicolas Maciel was son of Alvaro Maciel cc Ysabel de Orozco. On 26 Nov 1663, he appeared as a witness on the dispensa for his niece, Ysabel de Morfin, daughter of his sister, Anna de Liebana cc Antonio Rodriguez de Morfin, for her marriage to Melchor Valencia. The couple were at 4/4, descending from sisters, Maria & Ysabel de Orozco.

    In his statement, Nicolas Maciel says that “Maria de Orozco, great-grandmother of this witness and of Melchor Valencia, was mother of Maria de Orozco, grandmother of Melchor Valencia, and sister of Ysabel de Orozco, also grandmother of this witness, and that from Maria de Orozco was born Juana de Peña, mother of Melchor Valencia, and that from Ysabel de Orozco was born Ysabel de Orozco, mother of this witness and of Ana de Liebana, mother of Ysabel de Morfin”

    What’s interesting, is what he says about Maria de Orozco being his great-grandmother. As we know that his mother is daughter of her sister, Ysabel de Orozco, then the relationship would have to be through his father, Alvaro Maciel - which would mean that Alvaro was the 1st-cousin/once removed of his wife. But it also means that either Juan Maciel or Anna Garcia de Liebana was a child of Maria de Orozco. My guess is the latter, if Maria and Ysabel de Orozco are children of Geronimo de Orozco Liebana cc Ysabel del Castillo, as per Carlos Peredo’s post on 16 Sep 2017. Anyone?


    Regarding his wife (or wives): married on 6 Jan 1665, in Zamora, were Juan Maciel and Anna de Aldana; their padrinos were Nicolas Maciel & doña Geronima de la Cueba, “padres del dho contrayente.”

    On 3 Apr 1703, dispensed were Miguel Maciel Betancur and Ana Maciel Blancarte, granddaughter of aforementioned Juan Maciel. This establishes that his father, Nicolas Maciel, was brother of Alvaro Maciel cc Ysabel de Orozco. So, he’s the same who was married to Geronima de Ayala. It’s possible that the 2 Geronima’s are different people, in which case, from the timelines of their children, he was married first to Geronima de la Cueva.


    Regarding Nicolasa de Liebana: according to ElCapitanPaco in his post from 17 Oct 2013, she is sister of Josepha Asencio de Leon, as per the dispensa of Joseph Ygnacio Tello de Orozco cc Maria Dolores Lomelin. I haven’t seen this dispensa, since it’s misplaced on “Morelia” roll #0765283 (the roll is for 1673, though the dispensa is from 1773), so I can’t verify, but ElCapitanPaco is a thorough researcher.


    Lorensa de Torres cc Diego Magdaleno is likely Lorensa de Oballe Liebana; in the suit, their daughter, Maria de Torres, was represented by her husband, Juan de Santiago. She is probably the same Maria de Oballe and he, Juan de Chavez, who petitioned marriage on 19 Feb 1661. Juan de Santiago and “Maria de Oballe” had a son who married Sebastiana del Castillo in May 1694, in Angamacutiro (the page with their son’s name on it is missing). If so, then “Torres,” along with “Oballe,” is a whole new surname to throw into this soup.

    Thanks again!
    Manny Díez Hermosillo

    Right now I don't have the link to the imagen but I think I found the baptism of Geronima de Liebana because I have her in my notes as baptized in 1621 in Tangancicuaro and have her marrying in 1637 to Juan Ascencio de León


    While re-reading some matrimonial information for "Melchor de los Reyes" and "Catalina de Murguia Ontiveros" I found a crucial clue that tells us that Geronima de Liebana, Juan Ascencio de Leon's wife, was a sister of Agustin Maciel and Pedro Plancarte, both sons of Alvaro Yanez Maciel and Isabel de Orozco del Castillo.

    First the matrimonial information itself:

    Informacion Matrimonial de Melchor de los Reyes y Catalina de Murguia Ontiveros (Tangancicuaro - July 10, 1670)

    While the information pertains to Melchor and Catalina, the documents details how there's a potential impediment between Melchor and Catalina given that Melchor had an illicit relationship with an illegitimate child of Juan de Zamora (uncle of Catalina). As part of the testimony, we have two key witnesses, Agustin Maciel and a former slave of Juan Ascencio de Leon. Agustin Maciel testifies that the, supposed, illegitimate child of Juan de Zamora could not have been a daughter of Juan de Zamora. Agustin further mentions that the mother of Juan de Zamora's illegitimate child had illicit relationships with multiple men in Tangancicuaro, Michoacan. This included Pedro de Plancarte, brother of Agustin Maciel:

    Link to Agustin Maciel's testimony

    ...hermano de este declarante llamado Pedro Blancarte...

    In closing, Agustin mentioned that he was 50 years old which puts his birth around 1620.

    The second crucial witness was a former slave of Juan Ascencio de Leon, Josefa Maciel. Link to Josefa Maciel's testimony

    ...Josefa Maciel mulata liberta esclava que fue de Juan Ascencio de Leon y residente en el pueblo de Tangancicuaro y nacida en el, en la casa de Alvaro Maciel... ...y la hallo metida con un hermano de la Ama de esta declarante llamado Pedro Plancarte...

    With the above information, we know that Agustin Maciel and Pedro Plancarte were brothers. We then add the testimony of a former slave of Juan Ascencio de Leon who mentions that Pedro de Plancarte was a brother to her "Ama", i.e. Juan Ascencio de Leon's wife (Geronima de Liebana). With that we have Agustin Maciel (born around 1620), Pedro Plancarte (already deceased by 1670), Geronima de Liebana (former slave master to Josefa Maciel) as siblings. Alvaro Maciel and Isabel de Orozco did indeed have two children named Pedro Plancarte and Agustin Maciel. Not to mention that Josefa (the former slave) was formerly owned by Alvaro Maciel. I think that with this information we can safely connect Geronima de Liebana as the daugher of Alvaro Maciel and Isabel de Orozco.


    Daniel Serna Valencia

    Hello Daniel.

    When re-reading the document you are citing, I found that the witness Agustin Maciel, 50 years old, is said he was vecino de la villa de Zamora. I think he is the Agustin Maciel listed in marriage dispensation 1.2 in this other post. There is also a 1645 IM on him.

    There is another Pedro Plancarte, married to Nicolasa de Ovalle (I don´t know who the parents of this Pedro are), he died before the marriage of his son Juan Plancarte (Taramécuaro, 26 May 1662. Images 153 and 154 of 687).

    May these Agustin and Pedro be the siblings of Geronima - and Alvaro and Maria, the wife of Gregorio Bejar)?

    Good catch Ruben,

    Yes, it's possible that I might be one generation ahead with regards to the parents of these siblings. (Alvaro & Isabel vs. Juan Maciel Plancarte & Ana Garcia de Liebana). I hope we're able to turn up more clues to identify the parents. We can safely say that the parents of these siblings are one of the previously mentioned couples.



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