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Cayetano Guizar Valencia

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By gaby.barbosa - Posted on 08 October 2019

Hi guys and gals

I found Cayetano as the son of Bernabe Valencia and Magdalena Valencia, he appears in the padron of Cotija in 1742, however he does not appear on the records for any of the other padrones, which could mean he lived in a different town, probably for work

In my records Cayetano Guizar married Juana de Torres (several of the Barbosa grandchildren indicate this couple as grandparents)
Rosalia Guizar, daughter, Married Jose Antonio Barbosa, their son
Jose Miguel Barbosa Guizar married Manuela Munguia in Tamazula de Gordiano, Dec 3, 1818

At that time in Cotija, (mid 1750s) this Guizar family seems to be only one of that name, however, it seems like they left many, many descendants in the area.

Does anyone have more info on this particular couple?

Any info is appreciated.

:) Cheers

I don't...although, my Guizar family line has been very difficult to track. My Great Grandmother was Luciana Navarro Guizar and her parents were Pascual Navarro and Martina Guizar, they were from Zapopan Jalisco, my Great Grandfather Higinio Saldivar Macias and his family were all mostly from Nochistlan...although, my Great Grandparents had their children in Tamazula De Gordiano...think there may be a connection with your Guizar family and mine? I do also has Valencia DNA matches on 23andMe.

We may have a connection from Tamazula as I have may ancestors from there...

I don't have a DNA thing yet, I may get it in the new year, honestly I am not too keen on some company having my dna profile lol... too conspiracy theory for me :)

All I can gather from the census that were shared is that the Guizar name was not in Cotija until the mid 1700s, so that makes me wonder where they came from... I hope someone on here can chip in

Have a great day!


Yes! I'm not sure where they originated either, but I do have one last living relative, an Aunt that was one of my Great Grandparents children...and she says that a lot of her Guizar family was very fair skinned and lots of them with colored (green, blue) eyes, which leads me to believe maybe European? This is my email address if you would like to contact me about the Guizar family that I do have on my tree to see if there may be a connection somewhere

As for the DNA process...I felt the same way, but you can OPT out of having your DNA public or available to the Police Department, they have that option. Honestly, the only ones who should really worry are convicts lol

Hello Gaby,

I have Bernabe de Guizar as the son of Domingo de Guizar and Isabel de Silva y Bedoya. Magdalena de Valencia I have down as the daughter of Juan de Valencia Pina and Lucia de Torres Guerrero y Oceguera

Here's Bernabe's bautizmo:

May 24, 1691(Zamora, Michoacan)

Here's Domingo and Isabel's marriage:

February 28, 1688(Zamora, Michoacan)

I have a matrimonial dispensation available for one of their kids:

Matrimonial Dispensation for Juan de Guizar Valencia and Maria Teresa Maldonado Orozco - February 16, 1757 (Cotija, Michoacan)

In my records, I have that Bernabe and Magdalena had, at least, the following children:

Juan de Guizar Valencia who married Maria Teresa Maldonado
Bernabe de Guizar Valencia who married Maria Josefa de Torres
Tiburcio de Guizar Valencia who married Maria Gertrudis Ruiz and later Josefa del Toro

I've seen in the archives of Morelia, Michoacan that the Guizars of Michoacan seem to have originated in Puruandiro, Michoacan. The oldest references I've seen of the Guizars is that of Domingo de Guizar Guerrero who married Agustina de Orozco Tovar. I suspect that Bernabe's father, Domingo de Guizar who married Isabel de Silva y Bedoya came from this Guizar Guerrero family.

Hope this helps,

Daniel Serna Valencia

Gracias x 1000 Daniel!!


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