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Cotija, Michoacan - Padrones 1759 &1768

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By gaby.barbosa - Posted on 02 October 2019

Hola prim@s,

Many of us have ancestors from Jalisco that came from Cotija, Michoacan, and since there are no records of the parish available other than a few dispensas, I wanted to share these 2 census records that I found:

They were very, very useful in my research...



I have transcribed both padrones into spreadsheets, if anyone is interested in such, I will be very happy to share that as well.

Happy day to all! :)

Hello All,

Here are some additional links to padrones for Cotija and Tinguindin:


  • Padron de 1742
  • Padron de 1746
  • Padron de 1776

  • Tinguindin

  • Padron de 1668
  • Padron de 1757
  • Padron de 1776
  • I love the comradery in our forum!

    Gracias a todos <3

    Daniel, Thanks again for sharing the census,

    I noticed that the one for 1776 is for Tinguindin, at at the very end the person doing it wrote, that Cotija was in a different book, have you by chance come across it?

    Thanks to the one from 1742 I was able to find the link to my Guizar line, and others :)

    Thank you in advance

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