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Diaz-De Leon family

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By gloriad648 - Posted on 24 September 2019

Fellow “Ranchos” members:

Years ago, while researching 1700’s death records in Aguascalientes, my eye was caught by an unusual entry which has haunted me ever since - so much so that I felt compelled to record it in a fictional fact-based story.

Although this particular entry concerns the Diaz-De Leon family of the Hacienda Peñuelas, it could easily have been about any other wealthy landowners of that time and place.

El Parbulito was written not to judge any particular individual or family, but rather to illuminate the separate reality of the disenfranchised, to give a voice and presence to the many nameless forgotten ones that we genealogists sometimes overlook or ignore in our eagerness and zeal to expand our own lines and generations.

For those interested, El Parbulito was recently published (September 2019) by the on-line Latino literary magazine Somos en Escrito, and can be found at I’m grateful to the editor, Armando Rendón, for finding the story worthy of print.

Gloria Delgado


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