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1648 Census of Valpariaso and Rancho Carboneras, Zacatecas, Mexico

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 30 August 2019

Hi everyone,

I want to ask anyone what distance is a "legua" that was used in Zacatecas year 1648?

Here is a census of Valparaiso and Rancho Carboneras year 1648. That rancho belonged to my ancestor Joan Angon. But on the census it shows him listed first at Valparaiso while his son Esteban Angon is listed in Rancho Carboneras.

Rancho Carboneras was located 5 leguas from Fresnillo and Valparaiso 20 leguas from Fresnillo. They were under jurisdiccion of Fresnillo.


film no. 100530017 pg. 427

There was a Cofradia at the rancho of Joan Angon and presumably at Rancho Carboneras. There is a whole archive that was logged like a diary from 1632 - 1700 in regards to that ranch and it is called "Cofradias 1632 - 1700."

It is under Huejuquilla, Jalisco.

Joan Angon was father of Esteban Angon. I believe Maria Angon was daughter of Esteban Angon. Maria Candelaria Angon (1655 - 1735) was married to my direct ancestor Antonio Madera (1660 - 1709) on my family tree:

If any of you have any info on Maria Candelaria Angon, Antonio Madera, Esteban Angon and Joan Angon. I am trying to located baptism or marriage records of them in the area at that time.

According with the book of "descubrimiento del parral" (has a glossary at the end)

Legua: Medida lineal de 5 000 varas o sea 4 190 metros; se dividia en dos medias y cuatro cuartos. Segun un sistema antiguo, empleado para la medicion de tierras, la legua se dividia en tres millas, cada milla en mil pasos de Salomon, y cada paso en cinco tercias de vara; asi, la legua tenia 3000 pasos de Salomon, que se llamaban vara.

I hope it helps


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