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Visiting Jalisco

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By Esther Hernande... - Posted on 27 August 2019

Hi everyone, I’m currently in Degollado, Jalisco visiting my parents. I have visited the surrounding ranches where my ancestors lived, la chancla, el sombrerillo, la Tinajera, barbechitos, el saucito, el lindero y la campana. Went and had dinner in Ayotlan and Huascato. I will also be visiting Jesús Maria. This time of year is green and beautiful out here.


Hi Esther,

Thanks for sharing,

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Esther!

I just saw this particular post of yours. I was in Degollado this summer too. And I went out to see the surrounding region like you did. It was an amazing experience.

I brought back a couple of books by José "Pepe" Villaseñor Ramírez that might interest you. One is a microhistoria of Degollado à la Pueblo en vilo. Microhistoria de San José de Gracia (1968) by Luis González y González. The other is an anthology of oral histories he collected from some of the older residents of the town. I don't have them in front of me know, but I'll share their titles here later. I bought them from his sister, about a half a block up from la Plaza de la Amistad.


José Villaseñor Ramírez Book Titles:
1 - Crónicas de la memoria. Los oficios en el siglo XX en Degollado, Jalisco
2 - Casa grande, patria chica.

Hi Mr Alvarez,

Do you have family in Degollado? My parents and relatives live there. I had a wonderful time there. We did a lot of hiking and exploring up in the hills and ranches. Saw old abandoned homes and found indian carvings in rocks. My cousin has found a lot of indian artifacts up in the hills.
It's in amazing place to visit and relax.

That is so funny you have the books, I also purchased 3 books but I will have to check the titles when I get home. One of his books is about Degollado Dec. 1917 and my great grandfather is mentioned in there. He died in the battle they had in the town. I know he was working on another book but not if it is out yet.

Jose Villasenor Ramirez's aunt lives across the street from my grandparents home. I use to play with his cousins when we were kids.


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