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Help submiting a request

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By jospuen - Posted on 20 August 2019

Could someone please direct me on where to find the directions on submitting a request for help in some research?

I have an "amateur" report I've been working on for a great-grandfather...and am still unable to find his civil/church record...also, its in the state of Michoacan.



Dear Marty,

In order to help you in your research you need to provide information on your great grandfather that will help guide us in identifying him.

You may start off by gathering as much information as you can on him.

The names of his wife /wives, siblings, and children. Dates and locations to go with each name wherever possible. Any information that specifically identifies him. The records of his children and his siblings may provide valuable clues on how to proceed with your research

Good luck,
Rick A. Ricci


thanks for your response. Actually, I mislead you. I have all the info. you spoke about. I can put that genealogy report online here. (It might be hard uploading the 22 documents however. How about I just upload the report...I guess on this forum topic)

I thought there was a formal/ procedure in the actual submission of a request. Yes, all the family info. I have.


Ok Rick,

here you go...hope this isn't too over the top. (Looks to be a bit compated to what I'm used to seeing on this website. Also, tengo un problemo, no hablo espanol.)

I'm submitting it in to reply's as it seems there is too much data.

Title: Researching online for the birth date of Jose Navarrette
Prepared by: Marty Puentes
Prepared for: My research files
Date finished: Began 23 December, 2018- Finished ?
Research question/goal: What is the birth date of Jose Navarrette (my paternal great-grandfather)?

Background Information:
After interviewing my paternal grandmother in 2005 in Riverdale, CA., she gave me the name of her father, Jose Navarrette, where he was born, La Piedad, Michoacan, Mexico, and his birth date 8 February 1892. My grandmother also gave me the name of his mother, Guadalupe Chavarria. Grandma also said that her parents, Jose Navarrette and Panfila Enriquez were married in May of 1916 and that they met in Tipton, CA. After several years of floundering I decided to hunker down and get more specific on citations and sources in my genealogy. I acquired several documents, most of them with birth dates that differ from the date my grandmother gave me.
In my possession is a bottle of wine I acquired from my cousin, Jim Queen, his mother Connie Navarrette, sister to my paternal grandmother. It has the name Jose Emiliano Navarrette, 9 August, 1896. This bottle came into possession of grandma’s brother, Miguel Navarrette, who as of this day, 4 January, 2019, is still living. (who is this name on the bottle?) Miguel also has a birthday coming up soon. I have also heard that his wife wants to write a book about his life. I plan on attending that party.
My father also claims that Jose Navarrette used to work for the railroads. When I spoke with my father’s first cousin, Jim Queen, son of Conception Navarrette, grandson of Jose Navarrette, he claimed that Jose Navarrette was a cotton-picker and a farm laborer. He also said Jose Navarrette used to make his own wine. Jim Queen claimed to know nothing about working for the railroads.
04 February 2019 Update
After about a month of searching and documenting I have definitively identified Jose Navarrette’s DOB. I will now focus my research on Mexico. In addition to an ongoing “to do” list, I will now focus on Mexican civil and church records to search for birth and baptism documents. I have researched before and found both parents and siblings on multiple documents. I will now collect and consolidate these documents.
As of this update, the following are records on Michoacan on the website I will primarily be researching the civil baptisms and marriages, as well as the church records. (The dates below are when these documents were last updated. They also contain an additional number indicating how many records are in each database). Also, there are about two dozen additional records (not all of them are records that I will be searching) on the same website-these documents are not indexed and will take addition time to look over. I found both Jose Navarrette (2957222) and Panfila Enriquez’s (4795331) Alien registration numbers. I will order these from the NARA website.

Records Last Updated
Mexico Baptisms, 1560-1950 2,395,694 May 14, 2018
Mexico Deaths, 1680-1940 90,980 Jul 21, 2015
Mexico Marriages, 1570-1950 615,260 Feb 17, 2017
Mexico National Census, 1930 837,314 Mar 21, 2014
Mexico, Michoacán, Catholic Church Records, 1555-1996 340,775 Feb 17, 2017

29 July 2019 Update
The content of Jose Navarrette’s Alien Registration file included the following documents:
1. Alien registration receipt card-Form AR-3
2. Alien registration form-Form AR-2
3. Certificate of Admission of Alien-Form I-404
4. Two Residential Alien’s Border Crossing Identification Cards
5. Application for Resident Alien’s Border Crossing Identification Card-Form I-189
6. Application for new alien registration receipt card in a changed name, or in lieu of one lost, mutilated, destroyed, or in lieu of form AR-3 or AR-103-Form-I-90

Resources Used
Online sources:;;
Repositories visited: none
Correspondence: Dan Navarrette in Reno, NV. (corresponding via email)

Research Findings
Document # 1
This document lists Jose’s birth date as 9 Feb 1890. His death date is 28 Jul 1970. He is buried at Saint peters Cemetery in PLOT: Section C (Mt. Carmel) Location 130 12. The memorial ID is: 161820105. Author of the record was created by: Lester Letson on 28 Apr 2016 The record was found through via
Name: Jose Navarrette
Birth Date: 9 Feb 1890
Death Date: 28 Jul 1970
Cemetery: Saint Peters Catholic Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Fresno, Fresno County, California, United States of America
Plot: Section C (MT. CARMEL) Location 130 12
Has Bio?: N

Document # 2
The California Death Index lists Jose’s DOB as 10 Feb 1890 (one day removed from the date on document #1). The DOD is the same as document #1. What to do next? Order this official document from the state.
Name: Jose C Navarrette
Social Security #: 573440887
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 10 Feb 1890
Birth Place: Mexico
Death Date: 28 Jul 1970
Death Place: Fresno

Document # 3
A US social security application and claims index lists the DOB as 10 Feb 1892. The SSN listed is: 711-05-5366. One note on this record is dated 13 Oct 1978. No further information is given. Question? Is the SSN listed Jose’s or the person making the claim? What to do next? This document must also be obtained from the Social Security Administration. What pertinent information can be gained from obtaining this document? Name of the person who made the claim or inquiry in 1978…eight years after Jose’s death, & aprox. eleven years after his wife’s death, Panfila Enriquez. Additional note: As of 3 Feb 2019, I have not pursued this document further. I believe this to be an inquiry someone made, friend or family member, obviously after his death. I will compare the SSN with the other documents in my research.
Name: Jose Navarrette
Birth Date: 10 Feb 1892
SSN: 711055366
Notes: 13 Oct 1978: Name listed as JOSE NAVARRETTE

Document # 4
Photo of Jose and Panfila Navarrette’s headstone. The repository/location of the headstone in found in document #1. This photo was obtained from my first cousin, once removed, Jim Queen. No transcription.

Document # 5
A US social security death index. This document spells Jose’s name correctly, Navarrette. His last residence is: 93656 Riverdale, Fresno, CA., USA. His DOB is 8 Feb 1892. DOD is July of 1970. The state and year that SSN was issued in California in 1951. One conflicting piece of evidence, the SSN is: 573-444-0887. (I believe this to be his correct SSN.) However this conflicts with the SSN listed on document 3. Question? Which number is Jose’s? Could one of the numbers belong to his wife Panfila? Or does it belong to the person making the claim on document # 3? What to do next? Order the social security file for Jose Navarrette.
Name: Jose Navarrette
SSN: 573-44-0887
Last Residence: 93656 Riverdale, Fresno, California, USA
Born: 8 Feb 1892
Died: Jul 1970
State (Year) SSN issued: California (1951)

Document # 6
US 1910 census
Through the website A Jose Navarrette (same spelling as today), is listed as 20 years of age. Approx. DOB puts it at about 1890 (close to age range I am looking for.) Birthplace: Mexico. Home in 1910: Stafford, Stafford, Kansas. (Appears to be derogatory) Street: “Bunch of Mexicans-right of Way St & SF RR.” Race: white. Gender: male. Immigration year: 1910. Marital status: single. Both parents’ birthplace: Mexico. Native tongue: Spanish. Occupation: laborer in the railroad industry. Employer: wage earner. He is listed as able to read and write. Being employed by the railroad coincides with future documents and family information about Jose being employed by the railroad. Question? Is this the Jose Navarrette I’m looking for? Conflict: The immigration year 1910, conflicts with document # 18, which says immigration is 1911, and claims that Jose had never been to the USA previously. Also, this document indicates that Jose was able to read and write. This conflicts with other documents that say Jose has a 3rd grade education and is unable to read or write. What to do next? Use this information when tracking down Jose’s railroad employment record. Initial research indicates that employment records for some railroad companies have been destroyed.
Name: Jose Navarrette
Age in 1910: 20
Birth Year: abt 1890
Birthplace: Mexico
Home in 1910: Stafford, Stafford, Kansas
Street: Bunch of Mexicans-right of Way St & SF RR
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1910
Marital status: Single
Father’s Birthplace: Mexico
Native tongue: Spanish
Occupation: Laborer
Industry: Railroad
Employee or Other: Wage Earner
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Out of Work: N
Number of weeks
out of work: 0
Neighbors: View others on page

Document # 7
1930 US Census
Jose is listed as the head of household. His birthdate is listed as “abt 1894. (This conflicts with previous documents about his DOB.) Age at first marriage is 22. Birthplace is listed only as Mexico. The residence is Washington, Alameda, California. The street listing gives no number, only dwelling number 255, and listed as “County Road.” There is a “County Road” on Bay Farm Island, close to Oakland International Airport.” The family is renting, has a home value of 3 (I assume $3,000.00). The family does not own a radio set. It lists Jose as able to read and write English. His parents’ birthplace are listed as Mexico only. His immigration year is 1910. (Conflict/affirmation: this date concurs with the date listed in document # 6.) Occupation is listed as laborer, industry is Farm. Naturalization is listed as Alien. Language spoken is Spanish. What to do next? Obtain street maps detailing this address.
Name: Jose Navarrette
Birth Year: abt 1894
Gender: Male
Race: Mexican (Latino)
Birthplace: Mexico
Marital status: Married
Relation to
Head of House: Head
Home in 1930: Washington, Alameda, California, USA
Street address: County Road
Dwelling Number: 255
Family Number: 259
Home Owned
or Rented: Rented
Home Value: 3
Radio Set: No
Lives on Farm: No
Age at first
Marriage: 22
Attended School: No
Able to Read
and Write: Yes
Father’s Birthplace: Mexico
Mother’s Birthplace: Mexico
Language Spoken: Spanish
Immigration Year: 1910
Naturalization: Alien
Able to Speak
English: Yes
Occupation: Laborer
Industry: Farm
Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker
Employment: No
Household members listed are:
• Jose Navarrette 36
• Panfila Navarrette 33
• Andelina Navarrette 13
• Alejandris Navarrette 11
• Trinidad Navarrette 9
• Rita Navarrette 8
• William Navarrette 7
• Frances Navarrette 5
• Joe Navarrette 3
• Silvia Navarrette 1
• Concepcion Navarrette 0
• Leopoldo Alvarez 27
• Segundo Alvarez 42

Document # 8
1940 US Census
Jose is listed as the head of household, along with eight children and his wife Panfila. (Conflict: his wife Panfila is listed as being born in California. This is obviously a mistake.) Conflict: His age is listed as 48, which would give him an approximate birth year of about 1892, which conflicts with other documents in this report. His birthplace is listed only as Mexico. His residence in 1935 is only listed as Fresno, CA. He worked 52 weeks in 1939, has an income of $400 a month, and the property value is listed as $800.00. His highest grade completed is 3rd grade. The residence is listed as household number 97, on sheet number 5B. The address is 1324 Sacramento Street in Fresno, California. The document also lists aprox. two dozen other names.
Name: Jose Navarrette
Age: 48
Estimated birth year: abt 1892
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birthplace: Mexico
Marital status: Married
Relation to
Head of House: Head
Home in 1940: Fresno, Fresno, California
Street: Sacramento
House Number: 1324
Farm: No
Inferred Residence
in 1935: Fresno, California
Residence in 1935: Fresno, California
Residence on
farm in 1935: No
Citizenship: 4
Sheet Number: 5B
Number of
Household in
Order of Visitation: 97
Occupation: Com Labor
House Owned
or Rented: Owned
Value of Home
or Monthly
Rental if Rented: 800
Attended School
or College: No
Highest Grade
completed: Elementary school, 3rd grade
Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker in private work
Weeks Worked
in 1939: 52
Income: 400
Income Other
Sources: No
Household members listed are:
• Jose Navarrette 48 (Birthplace listed as Mexico and was seeking work)
• Panfila Navarrette 39 (Birthplace listed as California)
• Alejandro Navarrette 21
• William Navarrette 17
• Frances Navarrette 15
• Joe Navarrette 13
• Concepcion Navarrette 11
• Manuelo Navarrette 7
• Lorenzo Navarrette 6
• Jovita Navarrette 4


here is the second of two attachments:

Document # 9
California, County Birth, Marriage, and Death Records, 1849-1980. No information pertaining to Jose’s DOB. Marriage dates is 23 May 1916. Both Jose’s and Panfila’s last and maiden names are misspelled: “Nabarrite” & “Enrriquez.” What to do next? Order official copy of document.
Men Married To Whom Married When Married By Whom Married Where Married Where Recorded
Day Month Year Book Page
1069 Nabarrete, Jose Panfila Enrriquez 23 May ‘’ (1916) G.W. Smith Fresno, Co 32 85

Document # 10
California voter registration. No DOB given. Residence year: 1952. Street address is: 828 South Haley Street, Bakersfield. Spelling of last name is the same as it is spelled today. Further document, a later year, reveals a spouse by the name of Consuelo at the same residence. No other record of Jose ever residing in this city or county. I do not believe this is the correct Jose Navarrette. What to do next? Further documentation needs to be conducted to resolve this conflict. An additional voter registration document, or US city directory.
Name: Navarrette, Jose
P.O. ADDRESS: 828 South Haley Street, Bakersfield
Party: Democrat

Document # 11

WWII draft card, 4th Registration. Date of registration is 27 April, 1942. DOB is listed as 10 Jan 1889. (Conflict: this is the earliest DOB listed on the documents in this report.) 53 years of age. Birthplace: Michoacan, MX. Place of residence: 1324 Sacramento Street, Fresno, CA. Person listed as having knowledge of Jose’s address: Alex Navarrette. (This is more than likely Jose’s son Alejandro. Date of registration, 1942, would have Alex’s age at 23. (1940 census used for reference.) Race: white; Height: 5’. Weight: 150 lbs. Complexion: dark. No physical characteristics noted. There does appear to be Jose’s signature on the document. What to do next? Inquire if there is a personnel file for Jose Navarrette. I do not believe he was drafted, or saw combat/active duty. He is listed at the age of 53 at the time of this document.
1. Name: Jose Navarrete
2. Place of Residence: 1324 Sacramento, Fresno, Fresno, Calif.
3. Mailing Address: Same
4. Telephone: (left blank)
5. Age in years: 53 Date of Birth: Jan 10, 1889
6. Place of Birth: Michoacan, Mexico
7. Name and Address of Person who Will Always Know Your Address: Alex Navarette, 1324 Sacramento Fresno, Calif
8. Employer’s name an dAddress: Mac McFarland, Five Points, Calif.
9. Place of Employment or Business: Five Points, Fresno Calif.
I affirm that I have verified above answers and that they are true.

Jose Navarrette’s Signature from WWII draft card
(Backside of document)
Registrar’s Report
Race: White
Height: 5’
Weight: 150
Complexion: Dark
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Other obvious physical
characteristics that will
aid in identification: None
I certify that my
answers are true; …: None to My Knowledge
Signature: Clara Hansen
Registrar for Local Board: 123 Fresno Calif.
Date of registration: April 27, 1942

Document # 12
WWII draft card, 4th Registration
Should be Jose’s brother, Celso Navarrete, (as it is spelled on the draft card.) Place of residence is: MacAroy camp (sp. MacAvoy), S.W. of Riverdale, Fresno, CA. (Very close to where Jose was when he died.) Celso’ DOB is 2 April, 1894. His baptism date is 8 April, 1894, according to Church records found that are not on this report. (Conflict: Celso’s DOB conflicts with Jose’s DOB of previous documents. If this is correct, and Jose has the same parents, it would negate other documents with a DOB of 1894.) What to do next? Obtain a copy of Celso Navarrette’s church and civil records to expand documentation for his immediate family and ancestors.
Transcription omitted.

Document # 13
Border Crossings: From Mexico to U.S., 1895-1964
The name listed is Jose Chavarria Navarette. Date of admittance is listed as Permanent residence is : P.O. Box 523, Five Points, CA. Alien Registration No. 2957222. DOB for is listed as 8 Feb 1892 at La Piedad, Michoacan. Male. Married. Occupation is farm laborer. Unable to read or write. Nationality is Mexico. Height: 5’ 3”. Weight 155lbs Dark complexion. Black hair. Brown eyes. Visible distinctive marks: flesh mole under right ear. Lawfully entered the US for permanent residence at El Paso, Texas under the name of: Jose Garcia (Navarette-Garcia has been crossed out.), on August 23, 1911 (Sep of 1910 has been visibly crossed out). Hunch! Is it a coincidence that document # 6, the 1910 US census, lists a Jose Navarrette. Interesting find: the document makes the claim that Jose admitted being arrested, indicted, or convicted for being drunk in Fresno in 1938. The document also suggests that Jose had “not” been excluded, removed, deported or granted voluntary departure from the US. Jose was sworn in on 21 Nov 1946 in Fresno California before an immigration officer. (The signature of the officer is somewhat illegible). Border crossing card number is: 324431 and was issued on 24 Feb 1947 and valid until 23 Aug 1947. Jose was admitted on “3-8-47.” The document does have a fingerprint and Jose’s “mark,” as the document was not signed with a signature by him. (see below). Additional information on the card that I am not familiar with includes: “3015-c”; the date; “12-29-48”; and, typed on the card are the words, “NOT ON N P LIST.” What to do next? Obtain Jose’s Alien Registration file through the National Archives (NARA). (As of today, 20 Jan 2019, the NARA website is down due to a government shutdown [Trump]).
Transcription: (typed responses to questions are in bold and italics)
Frontside of Form
I, NAVARETTE-Chavarria, Jose,
A lawful permanent resident of the United States at P.O. box 523, Five Points, Calif.
hereby make application for a Border Crossing Identification Card and furnish the following
information: Alien Registration No. 2957222.
Born on Feb. 8, 1892, at La Piedad, Michoacan.
Sex Male marital status married Occupation farm laborer
Read No Write No Nationality Mexico Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Weight 155 lb. Complexion dark Hair black Eyes brown
Visible distinctive marks or peculiarities Flesh mole (l typed over an o or e) under right ear
Lawfully entered the United States for permanent residence at El Paso, Texas
under the name of Jose Garcia (“Navarette-Garcia” has been crossed out)
on Aug 22 (hard to read) 1911 (Sep.. 1910 has been crossed out), on the Footbridge
I have been arrested, indicted, or convicted of any offense.
1 time in Fresno in 1938 for drunk.
Backside of Form
I have not been excluded, removed, deported, or granted his voluntary departure from the United States.
Jose Navarrete ( + )-Chavarria (signature/mark-see below)
Signed and sworn to before me on November 21, 1946
at Fresno, California
Immigrant officer (signature is illegible, last name appears to be “Young”)
Border Crossing Card No 324431 Issued 2/24/47 Valid to 8/23/47
Admitted at El Paso TX (handwritten and hard to read “TX”) on 3-8-47 (handwritten) Inspector McKee
No further information.

Document # 14
Jalisco, Mexico, Civil Registration births 1857-1947. No information. This document is for Jose’s wife, Panfila Enriquez.

Document # 15
California, County Marriages, 1850-1952. Jose and Panfila’s daughter, Rita's, has both of them listed as parents on this document.

Document # 16
California, County Marriages, 1850-1952. Estimated DOB is 1892; the wedding day is listed as 22 May 1916. Jose is listed as 24 years of age. Otherwise no DOB is given. What to do next? Locate the church where Jose and Panfila were married. Obtain a copy of the church marriage record.
Transcription: (typed responses to questions are in bold and italics)
These Presents are to Authorize And license any Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice of the District court of Appeal, Judge of the Superior Court, Justice of the Peace, Judge of any Police Court, City Recorder, Priest or Minister of the Gospel of any denomination, to solemnize within said county the marriage of Jose Nabarrete, native of Mexico Color of Race white aged 24 years, resident of Fresno county of Fresno State of California, and Panfila Enrriquez, native of Mexico Color or Race white aged 22 years, resident of Fresno County of Fresno
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and affixed my Official Seal, this 22d day of may A.D., 1916 D.M. Barnwell By E. Dusenberry
I Herby Certify that I believe the facts stated in the above License to be true, and that upon due inquiry there appears to be no legal impediment to the marriage of said Jose Nabarrete and Panfila Enrriquez; that said parties were joined in marriage by me, on the 23d day of May, A.D., 1916, in Fresno County of Fresno State of California, and Teresa Pantoya a resident of Fresno County of Fresno State of California, were present as witnesses of said ceremony…
In Witness Wherrof, I have hereunto set my hand this 23d day of May A.D., 1916 G.W. SMITH, Justice of the Peace.
Jose Nabarrete and Panfila Enrriques Filed for record of the request of G.W. Smith this 23 day of May A.D., 1916 at 17 min. past 1 o’clock P.M., and recorded in Book 32 of marriage Certificates on Page 85 Records of Fresno County.
R. N. BARSTOW (County Recorder)
No 11069-B. By R.A FLESHER (Deputy Recorder)

Document # 17
California, Railroad Employment Records, 1862-1950. This is an interesting document! Estimated DOB: 1894; age listed: 28; employment start date: 18 Feb 1922; discharged: 19 Aug 1922-violation rule "G." (alcohol); Company: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe - Coastline (California branch). (Remember, in document # 6, US 1910 census, it lists a Jose Navarrette in Kansas. Coincidence?) I am unsure if this is the correct Jose Navarrette on this document. Also listed on this document are the words, “PERSONAL RECORD FILE DESTROYED 1964.” What to do next? Still a lot to do here. There are at least half a dozen more “Jose Navarrettes” listed under “California, Railroad Employment Records, 1862-1950.” Need to obtain ANY personnel/employment file for Jose Navarrette. Unsure at this time WHAT railroad company he was employed by, if any at all. More work needs to be done here. This record/document needs further research.

Document # 18
The National Archives and Records Administration; Washington D.C.; Manifests of Statistical Alien Arrivals at El Paso, Texas, May 1909 - October 1924. This document is a “Report of Inspection.” It is dated 14 Aug 1911. A Jose Navarrete is the subject of the investigation. He is accompanied by an uncle. He is of the age of 19. Male. Single. Laborer is his occupation. Cannot read or write. Nationality is Mexican. Race is Mexican. Last residence is, “Piedad-Mich Mex.” Name and address of nearest kin is listed as; mother Guadalupe Hernandez, Piedad.” Final destination is Mex. No ticket. Passage paid by self. Not carrying money. Never been in U.S. Is going to join no-one. Not been in prison. Is not a polygamist. Is not an anarchist. Is not a contract laborer. Health is good. Action by primary inspector is listed as: RS…something..unclear. Followed by the initials: LRC. The inspector signed as…Moss, or More. TRACK LABORER is also listed. Unsure what this might be. Possibly Jose’s occupation. Action by board of special inquire: Debarred 14 Aug 1911. Cause: only the initials P C are typed. Serial No. is 116 or 110…hard to read. Unsure as to what this number may be. What to do next? Order Alien file for Jose and his wife Panfila.

Below is a table of all the DOB from all the documents discovered for Jose Navarrette.

Table of differing DOBs
Document # Document Title DOB
9 Feb 1890
2 CA death index 10 Feb 1890
3 SS application & claims 10 Feb 1892
4 Photo of headstone 1890
5 SS death index 8 Feb 1892
6 1910 US Census 1890
7 1930 US Census 1894
8 1940 US Census 1892
9 CA county birth, marriage, and death records 1849-1980 N/A
10 CA voter registration N/A
11 WWII draft card 10 Jan 1889
12 WWII draft card N/A
13 Border Crossings: Mexico to US 8 Feb 1892
14 Mexico, Civil Registrations: Birth N/A
15 CA county marriages 1850-1952 N/A
16 CA county marriages Est. 1892
17 CA Railroad Employment Records Est. 1894
18 Manifests of Statistical Alien Arrivals at El Past, TX Est. 1892


You provided much Information that led me to come up with the following:

Alejo Navarrete and Guadalupe (Echevarría) Chavarrías are the parents of

1. Maria Camila De La Trinidad Navarrete

Baptized 20 Jul 1903

La Piedad Cavadas, Michoacán, Mexico

2. José Felix De Jesus Navarrete
Baptized 03 Apr 1902

La Piedad Cavadas, Michoacán, Mexico

3. María Gabriela De Guadalupe Navarrete
Baptized 22 Mar 1905
La Piedad Cavadas, Michoacán, Mexico

4. José Celso Del Refugio Navarrete.

Baptized 08 Apr 1894
La Piedad Cavadas, Michoacán, Mexico

5. Maria De Los Angeles De Guadalupe Nabarrete
Baptized 08 Aug 1907
La Piedad Cavadas, Michoacán, Mexico

1. The siblings were born in Guanajuatillo, Apatzingán, Michoacán, Mexico.

2. Francisco Chávez and Guadalupe Cisneros are the godparents of three of the siblings. It would be wise to see what you can find out about them as they may lead you to more clues about your family

3. There are often slight discrepancies in birth dates José Celso del Refugio Navarrete Echevarría may be your great grandfather and not his brother. According to the census record he was born the same year as José Celso del Refugio Navarrete Echevarría
See: census

5. “Able to read and write” is subjective and many times someone will be identified in one record as being able to read and write, while in other records they state that he can’t read or write. Some times they are speaking of different languages. Jose could have been able to read and write in Spanish but could not do so in English.

6. A possible source of confusion when researching your family is that there are two José Navarrete married to women named Panfila. The second José Navarrete is married to a Panfila Melendez in Texas. Both couples lived about the same time.

Hope I wa able to help,
Rick A. Ricci

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