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Motivational Post

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By M_Sagrario.Belt... - Posted on 19 June 2019

I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. If not let me know and I will repost in the correct one. This is not research related, but my uncle who knows I have recently become interested in genealogy sent me this post. I thought I would share with all of you :)

"Vean que interesante, para haber nacido necesitamos de:

* Padres: 2 *

* Abuelos: 4 *

* Bisabuelos: 8 *

* Tararabuelos: 16 *

* Choznos: 32 *

* Pentabuelos: 64 *

* Hexabuelos: 128 *

* Heptabuelos: 256 *

* Octabuelos: 512 *

* Nonabuelos: 1024 *

* Decabuelos: 2048 *

Sólo del total de las 11 últimas generaciones,
Fueron necesarios * 4.094 ancestros * para estar aquí hoy ...
¡Cerca de 300 años antes de nacer..

Piensa un instante:
¿Cuántas luchas, cuántas guerras, cuánto hambre, cuántas dificultades todos estos antepasados ​​vivieron?

Por otro lado, cuánta fuerza, cuánto amor, cuántas alegrías y estímulos, cuán instinto de supervivencia cada uno de ellos tuvo dentro de sí para que hoy usted esté aquí vivo?
Nosotros sólo existimos gracias a todo lo que cada uno de ellos pasó...

Gratitud a todos los antepasados, sin ellos no tendríamos la felicidad de conocer lo que es la "Vida" !!!"

If it wasn’t for our ancestors marrying near and distant relatives then
“Sólo del total de las 11 últimas generaciones,
Fueron necesarios * 4.094 ancestros * para estar aquí hoy ...¡Cerca de 300 años antes de nacer..”.

But in Los Altos de Jalisco family often married family, that is why so many marriage dispensations were required. My Father is a third cousin of my maternal grandmother, my maternal maternal great great grandparents were second cousins twice, my wife and I are fifth cousins. i descend from Josesito Martin’s del campo seven times through the marriages of his descendants. My wife descends from Josesito Martin del Campo twice.I could go on and on.

My research shows that many of the first settlers in Los Altos de Jalisco descended from common ancestors in Spain. So my family tree over 25 generations expands, condenses, expands again, condenses again repeatedly.

Rick A. Ricci

That is very tree. I really didn't pay too much attention to the numbers though as my family intermarried a lot as well. My maternal great grandparents were first cousins, and my great great grandparents were related as well (I just don't understand how to determine the degree). I joke often about how my mothers family tree looks more like a bonsai tree.

But in reference to my original post I liked the part about imagining what our ancestors must have lived; and how if it were not for their existence, I might not be here today.

By the way thanks for the help with my father's side of the tree. I was able to expand a few more generations.

Very nice and encouraging.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing your uncles list of abuelos (I will keep it handy). What he states is what I would imagine my maternal abuela would say as she was the generation in the struggle for independence, Cristero War, etc.

Thank you for sharing this !

I always think of the struggles they must have endured, even as we have struggles of our own in our modern world, I feel like we have so much to be thankful for...


En mis ancestros pasó lo mismo; varias veces asi que tengo que buscar un poco menos, pero aun me falta mucho por encontrar; yo siempre medito en como seria su vida y cuando encuentro un doumento busco que estaba pasando en el pais cuando ese ancestro mio estaba siendo bautizado o se estaba matrimoniando; esto de buscar nuestras raices es emocionante


Salvador Martinez

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